About the Suggestions category

A place to suggest features for any of our services.

This category makes use of Voting. You get a limited number of votes and those votes are reclaimed once the suggestion is accepted or denied, or when you revoke your vote. This means you should vote on the suggestions you want to see be dealt with first.

How and when suggestions are considered

Our priority list will be dependent on the most voted. Suggestions will also only be considered if the suggestion is implementable, or in the case of complex suggestions, ready to move to the next stage. If a suggestion does not contain enough information, it will be heavily delayed as suggestions are evaluated when there is a free gap, and as such, any suggestion which needs additional clarification is likely to miss that gap, and will have to wait for another to be evaluated again.

Simple Suggestions

A simple suggestion is one whose original post contains all the necessary information for it to be implemented and no additional rounds of discussion are necessary to refine the concept into something implementable.


  • #accepted - the suggestion has been accepted and will be implemented
  • #rejected - the suggestion was rejected and will not be implemented
  • #unreleased - the suggestion has been implemented but is not yet live
  • #released - the suggestion has been implemented and is now live
  • #stalled - the suggestion has been waiting a while for a response from the community to move forward

Complex Suggestions

For complex suggestions we have these three stages of proposals. The person who makes the proposal cannot be the person to accept it.

If you do not know whether your suggestion is considered complex or simple, don’t bother tagging it. A person with more understanding of what it would take to implement a solution can decide whether it is complex or not.

Stage 0

A Stage 0 proposal is a gathering of support for an idea.

A Stage 0 proposal must

  • Give enough information to convey the core idea
  • Give a reason why this suggestion is necessary

Acceptance indicates

That we agree that the idea is wanted and implementable. People may then post Stage 1 proposals linking to the Stage 0 proposal.

Stage 1

A Stage 1 proposal is an outline for a solution to a Stage 0 proposal. There can and may be multiple alternate Stage 1 proposals for a Stage 0 suggestion (and by different people). The highest voted one will be moved to Stage 2 (the Stage 1 proposal will be marked as accepted) and the others will be rejected.

A Stage 1 proposal must

  • Make the case for the addition
  • Describe the shape of a solution
  • Identify potential challenges

Acceptance indicates

That we agree with the proposal and expect to spend some time reviewing the finer details as proposed. This then allows a Stage 2 proposal to be posted.

Stage 2

A Stage 2 suggestion is a refined Stage 1 proposal. This is where the final details are gathered and the community has a chance to have their last input before implementation. If the person who wrote the Stage 1 proposal is on the dev team they are expected to make the Stage 2 proposal, otherwise a person on the dev team is expected to make the Stage 2 proposal.

A Stage 2 proposal must

  • Precisely describe the details of the implementation

Acceptance indicates

That the proposal is intended to be implemented.

Complex Suggestion Tags

  • stage-0
  • stage-1
  • stage-2
  • accepted - refer to description given in stages above
  • rejected - the proposal was rejected and will not be implemented. Unlikely on stage 2 but may happen if the details could not be finalised.