Chaidou Woods Overview

Chaidou Woods

A big and open forest theme map with enjoyable classes and many modified weapons, Chaidou Woods isn’t as complex as some maps, each class contain four weapons chests, one damage, movement, defensive accessory chest , one potion chest, ammo chest for specific classes, and Global (All classes) Accessory Chests as well.
Class diversity is key to progress through it, since each class have a different play style and many ways to cooperate with your teammates.
Many abilities fits perfectly in this map, Telekinesis by being the #1 and Barrage.



(Meele Class): Samurai uses Swords, Glaives, Blowpipes and throwing knifes for his combat play. Most of the swords are true melee with huge size. Comes with a decent amount of movement speed, defense and evasion.
Where: Camp station (spawn).
Starts with: Katana, Ninja armor, A Samurai vanity and DPS meter


(Ranger Class): Demonslayer uses Shotguns, Modified Swords and Flamethrowers with different projectiles. Comes with high damage/crit potential and slighty defensive and status.
Where: Camp station (spawn).
Starts with: Tactical Shotgun, 800 Musket Ball, Lead Armor, A Demonslayer vanity and DPS meter


(Summoner Class): DemonSpawn isn’t greatly affected by modified weapons (projectiles) as the other classes get, however, there are some minion staffs that are present in early game, play the role as a point farmer and you should be good with your teammates. Comes with high survivability due to his regenerative and flying status.
Where: Camp station (spawn).
Starts with: Finch Staff, Explosive Trap Staff, Wood Helmet and Breastplate with Spider Greaves, A DemonSpan vanity and DPS meter


(Magic Class): LightMage is almost considered as a supporter, since Spectre and Nebula armors are present. Comes with descent mobility and AoE damage.
Where: Camp Station (spawn).
Starts with: Sky Fracture, 5 Mana Regeneration Potion, Eboonwood Armor, A LightMage vanity and DPS meter.

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