Chaidou Woods

Chaidou Woods

#1 Location of Map

(6795, 346)

#2 Builders

Legolas#1, Fallen Soldier as a Contributor

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#4 Ownership


I do not permit someone else to take over ownership of my map for it to be processed and setup without me if I am inactive or unavailable.


I do not permit unauthorised edits by administrators/managers.


I permit administrators/managers to take over my map if I become inactive or unavailable.

#5 Breakdown

Player Spawn Location:

(6795, 346)

Enemy Spawn Location are marked by tombstones:

(6913, 378)
(7008, 313)
(7055, 349)
(7073, 334)

Global Chests (For all Classes)

Global Accessory Chest 1

Global Accessory Chest 2

Global Accessory Chest 3

Global Accessory Chest 4

Global Health Chest

Global Mana Chest


Samurai (Meele)

Righteous, violent and beefy defines himself, a Powerful Melee Class with Ninja/Samurai weapons related, it comes with some ranger weapons as well.
Most of the swords are true melee with huge size.
Comes with a decent amount of movement speed, defense and evasion.
Movement Accessory: Tabi
Damage Accessory: Power Glove
Defensive Accessory: Brain of Confusion

DemonSlayer (Ranger)

Stylish as Dante, a Mighty Ranger Class that carries guns or swords with darkness/shadow theme.
Most of the guns are shotguns with either high damage or low use time.
Comes with high damage/crit potential and slighty defensive status.
Movement Accessory: Flying Carpet
Damage Accessory: Destroyer Emblem
Defensive Accessory: Cross Necklace

DemonSpawn (Summoner)

This flying demon cannot be stopped easily with his army, a Summoner Class that comes with a variety of minions and sentries along with his legendary weapon that can likely define the game.
Comes with high survivability due to his regenerative and flying status
Movement Accessory: Fledgling Wings
Damage Accessory: Pygmy Necklace
Defensive Accessory: Charm of Myths

Light Mage (Mage)

A White-robed man who can manipulate light, a Magic Class with light/prismatic related weapons, perfecly balanced for both damage and defense status.
Comes with descent mobility and AoE damage.
Movement Accessory: Blizzard in a Bottle
Damage Accessory: Celestial Emblem
Defensive Accessory: Frozen Turtle Shell

Class Weapon Chest 1

Class Weapon Chest 2

Class Weapon Chest 3

Legendary Class Weapon Chest

Class Ammo Chest 1

Class Ammo Chest 2

ammo demonslayert

Class Damage Accessory Chest

Class Movement Accessory Chest

Class Defensive Accessory Chest

Class Armor Chest

Class Potion Chest

#Extra Notes

All Classes from this Zombie Map have their respective vanity set if you feel like to use it, the vanity chest is located near the Player Spawnpoint (In the tent specifically), here’s how they’re supposed to look like:







Light Mage

Light Mage

Map Mecanism

In order to access the Legendary Chest you must activate all four switches over the map (identically as Snowyville). After done that, some leaf blocks above the forest are actuated and you should be able to reach the Chest by climbing the vine ropes near the left side cliff. The Chest is blocked with echo blocks making it inaccessible untill you activate the switches.

Map Showcase


I suggest you move this map(if you dont have access to WEdit I’ll do it) somewhere else. Expanding zombies maps already in zombies is not supported and is a bit iffy.

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Moved the map and fixed, cords are (6979, 1798), map is defined by gray painted adamantite beams (they’re included to the map)

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