A way to print score/abilities info in chat for mobile users via commands

I was thinking if there was a way to make a command (Something like /score or /zinfo, The name doesn’t matters for now) that prints in the chat the information of score/abilities at that moment (Obviosuly, this would be personal,like when you use .help, or otherwise, it will fill the chat for other players)

It would look something like this?

Me> /Score

 [Geolindrag] - 30008
 [Player2] - 20383
 [Player3] - 28390
 [Random1] - 8203
 [Hacker boi] - 999999

Also, doesn’t matters if is only seen your score

Me> /Score

Curruent score : 30008

For abilities maybe this?


Sentry selected - Tank
Sentry ready
Upgrade [3200]

Or more simplified

Me> /abinfo


Or even all in one

Current score : 30008
Ability : Shaman
57/128 HP

About abilities im not sure how works, i never have seen the PC HUD in zombies, But i think that looks like this,so obviosly, would be easier just to copy and print in chat, i am using this examples just to give an idea

This certainly does seem quite interesting! But an idea would be to combine all of these in one command rather than doing several at a time whilst being attacked by zombies. It takes a bit of necessary time attacking.
Like, the command could be:
[Player Name] [Points] [Ability] [Zombies Killed]
Don’t get me wrong, it is a great mobile concept but typing in several commands while in battle can be quite the hassle…


I mean, I’ve always been able to do /shelp and stuff, so I don’t think it’s that big of a hassle. I think this suggestion might have been done before, though.


Ah yes, my mistake, oregon actually suggested it

Meh, can’t delete it, need to wait until a moderator do it…


I’d say this suggestion is distinct. 0re0’s suggestion requests for the entire side bar to be visible.

We plan to implement this suggestion, which is now marked as accepted and closed to release the votes. Once this suggestion has been implemented, a dev will mark it as implemented, and a final reply will be posted so that everyone is aware.