GameModes v2.0.0


By default, all users will have a default vote for the next randomly selected map. This means that one person in a 12 player lobby, being the only one actively voting, will now not always control the map.

Bank Sentry

Instead of upgrading the bank, WW now allows you to deposit score into the bank. The bank sentries max health now depends on the current round. A fixed interest rate will increase the stored score inside the bank at the end of each round.

Host Kick

The host of a custom lobby is now able to kick other players via /kick <player>.


The rapid variant of Zombies now has an extra lose condition. If a certain number of enemies in the current round are not killed when the round ends, then the match is lost. It will warn you when the round is close to ending and will result in a loss. This hopefully makes it harder to abuse the mob limit to AFK farm.

Removed /lobby

In favor of less complexity, the /lobby command has been spread out and removed. Here’s a list of new commands:

  • /lobby battle/start, /startmatch, /stop, /stopmatch
  • /lobby menu/menu
  • /lobby upall/upgradeall, /upall
  • /lobby chat/togglechat
  • /lobby skiptoround/skiptoround
  • /lobby tsts, transferscore (#6253)

Increased Bot Stability

Sentries/Guardians should now be more stable than before, however, we cannot guarantee 100% stability as of yet

(@tejdxa) I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone that participated in the sentry crash testing sessions, and especially to @Eerie for participating in the map builder testing and designing the halloween event

Map Builder Changes

Chest Item list

The item listings for chests are now formatted into a table by default. This should make it easier to see more items and their modifications. If you’re a mobile player, you can use /zchest listitems notable.

Arena vs. Map

It has been decided that from this point on, Map will be preferred over Arena. A codebase wide purge followed to enforce this, which means you should now see only Map.


All forms of growth has been disabled. This means no need to worry about vines, thorns, and all that annoying plants.

/lobby sway

/lobby sway <Map Name> is now /map select <Map Name> and only works in map builder lobbies now.


  • /arena add region <region name> <map name>/map create <map name> <region name>
  • /arena del <map name>/map delete <map name> + /map confirmdelete <map name>
  • /arena addtype z/map public <name> true
  • /arena select <map name>/map edit <map name>
  • /arena list (page)/map list (page)
  • /arena creator <username>/map addowner <map name> <username>

Other Changes

  • /map edit only works in Map Builder Lobbies now.
  • <Name> is now space insensitive(/set spawn, /unset spawn, /unset mobspawn, /zclass add, /zclass del, /zchest setclass)
  • Added /map tp <Map Name> to tp to maps.
  • Added /szc as an alias to /selectzchest
  • Added /zchest getclass to help message
  • Added /zclass delete and /zclass remove as an alias to /zclass del
  • Added delclass and deleteclass as an alias to remclass
  • Added delete as an alias to remove
  • Added notable option for /zchest listitems
  • Added pagination to /zclass list
  • Added remitem and removeitem as an alias to delitem

New Features

  • Added /score command to display score (#8544)
  • Added an alert(like Help Me!) when the ability is ready
  • Added an alert(also like Help Me!) when you’re the target of Kill wish
  • Added an alert(^) when Shaman stored HP maxed out
  • Added god powers as an alias for the god ability
  • God Ability’s WW now also heals you
  • Lobby is now joinable during intermission
  • Voting is now case insensitive
  • Voting now prioritizes exact matches. In other words, “beach house” now always selects “Beach House”, and not “Beach House v2”

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed /help printing a blank message (#7683)
  • Fixed edge case slope jitters
  • Fixed lobby hardlock. You’ll now lose when everyone alive leaves (#9938)
  • Fixed Striking Moment not working w/Sergeant United Shield (#8822)
  • Fixed Tank sentry losing its armor (#7260)
  • Fixed teleporting to map when you die during intermission
  • Fixed Time Warp teleporting the user outside of the map
  • Fixed Stoned killing you on spawn in Hardcore lobbies.
  • Fixed infinite mobs (#4078, #6209, #7887)
  • Fixed out of bounds checks stunlocking a player outside of the arena

Other Changes

  • Hid no permission to build message (#8933)
  • Locked the player’s ability once the player has transferred score at least once
  • Removed wildcard versioning. /version should now display a clean instead of