Zombies Halloween Event

When: 20th October - 31st October

Welcome to this year’s annual Halloween Event for Zombies.

Halloween has taken over the Zombies GameMode. Players and Zombies have started dressing up and Halloween invasion mobs are showing up for the party.

Halloween Quests

Banish the Pirate’s Curse

Defeat the Pirate’s Curse at the end of Round 12 (Hardcore).
Reward: Halloween Event Chest
(Contains a random vanity set you can equip to dress up any time of the year!)

Kill the Pumpking

Defeat the Pumpking at the end of Round 18 (Hardcore)
Reward: 1 Credit


Get to Round 10 (Hardcore)
Reward: Wall of Flesh Mask


Make sure you have slots free in order to get the Wall of Flesh Mask and Halloween Event Chest.