Zombies Exploit (?) - Sentry farming on rapid mode

Not sure if this counts as an exploit or not, but the bank sentry refunding one is counted as one so i’m reporting this here

The purpose of rapid mode in the zombies gamemodes is where waves of zombies come non stop, continuing rounds even if you haven’t killed every enemy. There’s this exploit though where if you manage to have enough support enemies (wandering eyes, gastropods, brain sucklers) spawned and alive at the same time, the main force (spore zombies, possessed armors) will spawn endlessly. I’m not sure if this has to do with the 200 spawn limit, but as long as the support enemies aren’t killed, then the round will go on forever and will only start the next round when you kill off some of the support enemies.

With this, you can endlessly farm enemies, and this is easily done with sentries on beach house. If you have a repair and/or tank sentry on the second floor next to the door, and minigun sentries on the floor/stairs, then zombies will be attracted to the repair/tank sentries and the minigun sentries can easily kill them off, gaining a lot of points in the process. The wandering eyes, gastropods, and brain sucklers will get stuck in the basement and on the second floor balcony, therefore not being able to be killed by the sentries. It is possible that this could be done without sentries where you keep the support enemies alive, but you’ll have to go into the basement for ammo, therefore having to kill the support enemies in there.

I don’t think you’d have to change/fix anything for the sentries, this problem is purely related to rapid mode’s mechanics. Sentries are just there to make endless farming possible.


  • PC
  • Dark Gaming Terraria Server, Gamemodes, Rapid Mode zombies lobby
  • In-game account name: pixelbitie101
  • Exploit
    (Screenshot showing spawned enemies going over the limit)
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