Wrong Dimension Map overview

Wrong dimension

Wrong Dimension is a Medium-Large map with a lot of narrow spaces. It takes inspiration from other games that some people will recognize.

The main locations of note are the surface and the caves. Teleporters allow faster travel around the map, just be careful not to teleport allies or enemies, as teleporters work 2 ways!

There are 2 main classes and 3 different weapons, each of which works best in different situations. There are also accessories. There is 1 extra class that uses mixed damage and has 2 armor sets, each for different uses. Be careful though, as this class only has 2 weapon trees!

Make sure you pay attention though, or all the enemies might pile up, causing you to lose control!



:bow_and_arrow: Ranger
As a good ol’ terrarian, you have several GUNS to choose from, you will be likely more focused on controlling a single enemy, with massive damage, good for boss control, and a decent defense.


:crystal_ball: Mage
Physics manipulation is important in unknown places, therefore you will have the ability to swim, which may not be the best thing, but you can use it to travel fast in the water well.
As for the weapons, you will be more crowd control focused, using mostly weapons that pierce or deal high damage. Watch your health, as a few hits could send you to the intermission…


:crossed_swords: Meele/Ranger mix
As a creature native to this Dimension, you are hidden in the caves. You’ll have to go searching to find this class…
You’ll get 2 different sets of armor, one 100% Melee focused, and the other Ranger/tank focused.
Your weapons are more diverse than the other classes, with 1 chest containing swords (useful in crowd control) and another chest containing ranger weapons (deals massive damage).
You will need to find a balance between both weapon types if you want to survive in the later rounds, and you’ll learn to switch armors according to the situation.


You may notice a shine in the dark, but how could you get there?

Hmmm, what’s this? Oh, a switch? I wonder what it does…

Switches locations

From top to bottom on the logic gates, these are the position of the real switches
Above the 1st tree(left to right) on the right side of the map

On the Villager house at the left of the map

At the outside bottom left corner of the work station

At the end of the left wood beam in the sunflower shrine

In the Center left of the Geode



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Where are the other two switches ive found 3 as well. Well technically ive found 5 but two of them do not do anything im not sure if its bugged or just the wrong switches the two that dont work for me were one on a cloud and one by the library underground between the two chests by the lava pit


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thank you for this guide on where the buttons are I only found the stronghold, villager house and the tree one this will help alot with getting the worm scarf and spectre goggles