What are the crew perms?

What are the perms by getting crew?
Warning, I already know the command /Me,/tp and i know that i can spawn bosses and can build in building dimensions.


Some of the permissions have been changing, so… if I’m wrong on any of these, someone more knowledgeable correct me.
Build - Mentioned
PvP - …uhhh, I don’t think there’s anything new there by having Crew?
Items - None
Survival - Previously, dropping items was a Crew - only permission, but the anticheat is now a better failsafe for that. I don’t think there’s any more permissions tied to Crew in Survival? Spawning bosses were mentioned.
PvE - None afaik
Zombies - Access to the Telekinesis ability


In these links there are more infos about crew
What do you need to consider when you’re crew?


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