Trading System - Progress Update

Changes I’ve discussed so far, including those related to the use of Metal items, aren’t going to be ready quite yet, so I thought it was worth at least stating a few things in an update topic so that people are aware that work is being done and what they need to expect from some of the changes.

Web UI

The frontend of the trading system, or the web user interface, has been a product of incremental changes over many years, this has resulted in making it annoying to properly fix some small issues.

To better address the changes I am making, I decided to update the UI without changing much about the layout (all the things you know are still in the same places and look mostly the same), since redesigning the actual layout would be more effort and it’s not yet worth it to do that.

In doing this update, it also allows me to introduce a new dark theme, which will be both the default and only theme. The colors used in this theme match those used on some of our other recent UI additions, such as the PVP manager, ban pages and login page. This is a comparison for what the inventory page looks like at the moment:

This is still a work in progress.


Part of the next update will also focus on changing DP gains to try to make higher purchase amounts possible, by changing the way the current drop in gains work. Rather than being based on your balance, it will be based around your income. There will be a target income per day and per week, and as you close in on that target and exceed it, the gain rate will drop. This means that you can store much more DP without it affecting your ability to gain more of it.

Metal Items

Metal Items were added to replace Time items, this is for two reasons. Firstly, repairing items will not work the same. To repair an item you will either need a copy of the same item or you will need to spend DP to repair it, the cost to repair items scales with rarity, the highest cost being R11 (custom items). Secondly, Metal items will be able to be sold to the shop for DP, which you can then use to repair your items, or alternatively, you can use that DP for other things. Other item types are intended to be sellable too, but their value will be much lower than that of Metal items. The shop itself will be added as a system bank, meaning it has a limited amount to give out, the same as other system banks. The value of Metal items will also be dynamic, meaning that their value is not fixed.

Durability will be replacing life times. Items won’t delete themselves when reaching 0% durability, instead their functionality will be disabled until repaired. Items don’t lose durability over time, they lose durability as a result of economic activity or at the instant that you unequip them. This means if you are not playing or you are doing things that don’t otherwise reward much or any DP, then you will not need to often repair items.


How different rarities will be obtained is also changing. This is why we have already seen some changes to Loot Boxes and what items they give out. It won’t be as feasible to get all rarity of items from Loot Boxes, instead, it’s intended that you sell items you don’t need from Loot Boxes and save up DP to spend it on places like the shop.


Praise dark mode. Thanks for giving us more information on what’s to come.


oooh im looking forward to this. i soon will be Warren Buffet of dg, but dark mode will be very nice :hahayes:


What is “economic activity”? (Does that just mean gaining/losing DP?)


I assume so. But I’ll let Rofle “confirm” it.


This means if you are not playing or you are doing things that don’t otherwise reward much or any DP, then you will not need to often repair items.

(Does that just mean gaining/losing DP?)

Basically, the greater/faster the amount of DP you earn is, the faster you will lose durability, and vice versa. I’m not sure how that interacts with unequipped items because to me that just sounds like unequipping them to farm and not suffering any drain.

edit: unless this means that unequipping them removes a certain amount of durability on its own

or at the instant that you unequip them


This seems like a bad policy, especially with colors, since it means people can’t test other colors without losing both durability. Maybe have something that “displays” the color only in that text box, but not actually in-game, just to test? If not, it could just be migated by using the browser inspector to input that color client-side without losing durability, which removes the purpose.


Wow, update is really cool

Will there any switches from dark to light mode?


It’s loosely defined only because this is still a plan and not something I’ve implemented and tested properly to see what works best.

I would have to test it, but I believe there will be something to ensure that durability loss can be deferred rather than immediate, so that checking out a bunch of items does not take durability on all of them.

You would prefer to use light mode?


Me - no

But probably some people will


also what is that 5 years badge

and is it only for like 5 years or if i played 1 year i will get respective badge too

what it does too


The badge shows an estimate of how many years old your account is. For me, it shows 5+ years because that’s currently the highest it goes up to. There are badges for 1-5+ years, and also a badge for players that recently registered.


will it be new feature or am dum and didn’t find that

and as i see, it doesn’t give any perks, right?


how we sell item?


Selling an Item can be done by selling it via the shop or by trading with people. If I remember correctly shop doesn’t have enough dp to be able to compensate you for anything you sell, so that method is obsolete for now.

However Trading with other people is still a valid option, trading can be unlocked when you reached a certain level; after unlocking the trading option you can trade your stuff for Dp, Creds, or Items with other people, you can also do it the other way by trading you Dp, etc. For anything they are offering.

If your wondering on how to price your items, my method(well opinion) is using a “Price = demand / rarity”, it means that “even if an item is rank lower it can still become valuable depending on how many people want it, that goes the same for high ranking Items.” Example: the Title “Guest” is rank2 but you will be surprised on how many people want to obtain such a Item, Guest is really rare that you can be able to price it for around 3k-5k dp. You can only obtain it from lootboxes, shop, or crafting it for 1creds. This goes the same for high ranking Items since such items can only be obtained through gambling your creds😅

Hope that sums it up. More info in the Trading Faq topic

If you still have anymore questions lets not talk here”. Its advisable that you make a topic in #Help & support.