Trading System Update Suggestion - Legacy Badges

With some talks of the next trading system having sprung up again, I thought I’d bring up an idea related to it and the member badges shown back in the Progress Update published in July:

The time badges will still exist, of course, and Crew was mentioned as carrying over from the current system, but what about the progress people have already made?
Hence, I propose a legacy badge system, which has a base badge/icon that changes based on a player’s achievements in the current trading system when the move happens. The simplest metric I could think of for showing advancement in the current system in a badge would be changing it based on how large a player’s inventory is, but feel free to suggest other ideas.

Myself and a few friends have been grinding xp for levels for quite a while now, it would be kind of neat to have this incorporated into the new system too. Not sure how, which doesn’t help, but just something to signify the countless hours we have put into utilizing the dtp system to its fullest.


Also make an achievement by the number of trades


More ideas on acheviments like riches?


Stonks achievement if you get 1000 DP a day

Also those achievements should boost DP, XP and credit gain, especially when voting


if i have to insert my ∛8 cents, id say a badge for map builders. its called, the map builders badge, obtained if you are a map builder


As there was not enough people who want the new Trading System to be implemented, and I personally lost interest at that point, I’m rejecting this suggestion on the basis that the relevant system does not and will not exist.

If such time in the future, there is renewed interest in moving to a newer system and there is someone to develop it, then it may become relevant again and can also be re-suggested.