Trading credits bug?

Hello good day to everyone who’s reading this. This topic is regarding on me and my friend encountering a bug when trading for Credits.

For this topic my friend requested to be anonymous, I respect his personal privacy and accepted his conditions. But if staffs request a pm of his IGN I will personally tell him or if he sees this he will kindly pm you instead. As for now lets just keep his Identity as “Friend”. Thank you.

Back to the topic this was how it goes:

To give you some context to what has happend: You see this happend yesterday, I was scrolling in the forums hoping to share some Likes when I saw my notifications pop up. Curious to what has come up I saw that a friend has send a private message to me, he asked me “how was my progress to crew going?

Im 9 days from voting left, so its going great thank you for asking” I happily said

*He then offered me to make it shorter by sharing he’s credits with me

I was surprised at first because credits are valuable currency, but he was serious and wanted to share his credits to reduce my time on getting to crew.

*Happily thanked him

Honestly it was our first time trading with another person. He first Initiated the first trade by offering his credits to me for free but the text “ says” didnt appear in my screen.
So I suggested that I make the trade offering anything he wants from my Inventory *he picked a wormhole potion, I then setup the trade requesting only 0.5 creds to test if it would work, I pressed the request button showing

But it didnt show up to my friend’s side. We then theorized that this must be a bug, but we didnt know for sure. After this I asked a experienced trader for some help.
After a day(today)

*He responded
Gave me advice and solutions, Thanked him. I the copy and paste his advice to my friend’s private conversation and test if it would work.
I offered the trade, requesting only 0.5 to test if it would work, the text “ says” appeared in mine

But it didnt appear on my friend’s side.

I then suggested that I try to request 0.10 credits, Initiated the trade and it was only holding on “working”

I refreshed my tab, got into the trade again requesting 0.10 credits, surprisingly it said:

But it didnt show up on my friend’s side. “It didn’t work

After this incident we concluded that it was a technical bug? We weren’t really sure, thats why I made this report hoping we can find a solution.

You can reply opinions based on the topic and also if you find my post a bit confusing I am really sorry, Im not really fluent on typing english and still practicing writing” - KeiGu


Welp, i tried help u and if u need these credits much, i can give you 0.65 for free


Nono. Thank you for offering to share your credits with me, but I cant accept it. Mainly because I have no use of the credits except for getting crew. The purpose of my friends trade with me was to get me to crew faster thats why this topic was made, we wanted to spread awareness hoping this wouldn’t happen to future trades.

Honestly I dont need that much credits since I only have 7days left of voting, but again thank you for offering.


welp, good luck then with them


Yes, I must again thank you for the help that you’ve given me💪


Yeah it has happened to me too i think there may be a problem with trading credits


Fixed as of the latest DTP update (by @popstarfreas )