The Buff Chest

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The Buff Chest

The buff chest is a chest that when opened, gives the player a list of buffs for a certain cost. These buffs can be any. Potion buffs, set bonus buffs, etc. It will give buffs that are otherwise unobtainable unless with abilities or armor or accessories or weapons.

Chest Type :

The buff chest could be an ammo chest. It could give duration in the {item stack}. It does this by if (item = buff) { itemStackSlot = buffDuration } or something like that but in C#.

Cmd :

/zchest additem {buff name} {class name} 0 {buff cost} {buff duration in seconds}
could work as a cmd.

Chest Color :

Deep Lime

Cool idea; I like it, and it seems like something that can be possibly implemented. In addition, I wonder if it is possible to make buffs permanent or linger after death.