A Few Add - Ons to Making Zombie Maps

Note : You could put this after other suggestions even if it gets more votes than them, because not many people are affected by this suggestion.

Changes to Map Making in Zombies

So here I will present a few changes that will make map making easier (maybe for other game modes if they have the same content as zombies).

Selecting Chests

You can add something to a chest by typing in the command to add the item. It says that it’s waiting for you to open the chest, and when you do, it selects that chest and adds the item. This could make making maps easier because you don’t need to type a command for every different chest that you add on to.

Selecting Classes

Instead of typing in the class for adding items, deleting items, moding items, you can use /selectzclass {class name} to automatically select a class. It also has the same feature as selecting chests, where you add the item and list the class there, which auto - selects the class.

Universal Class

By replacing the class name with all, it makes the chest affect all classes. This cuts down on time for every universal chest.

Testing Maps

There could be a new command. It would be /testmap {map name} . It checks if your in a custom lobby, checks if your alone, and forces the map. It automatically gives you god powers and you can test a weapon on a certain round to see how it is. This replaces the sway command by making the lobby something called a false lobby, where there are extra features and you can sort of pause the lobby, edit your map, and go back to it.

Multiple Items in a Single Command

In the command to add items, you put quotations for each item. For example : "Vampire Knives" "Star Wrath" and then the rest of the command after. This lowers the amount of words you have to type.

The Buff Chest

Great suggestion! But I think you could also add something like making abilites not allowed in a certain map or make people with abilities pay more. This would make a map harder and therefore more fun (shaman is very overpowered it ruins the fun).

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