Survival TrueSSC v1.8.0

Features / 1.4.4 Changes Support:

  • Added support for purchasing all Princess Shop items
  • Updated Celebration → CelebrationMk2 in Moon Lord Boss Bags
  • Added Healing Potion and Mana Potion to Merchant Shop
  • Added Ammo Box to Arms Dealer


  • Fixed Ballista Staff being unpurchasable from Tavern Keep Shop
  • Fixed Red Riding Leggings being unpurchasable from Tavern Keep Shop
  • Fixed Eternia Crystal Purchase Price not updating based on progress (not sell price)
  • Fixed swapping quest fish with a quest reward item giving you a dupe of that item
  • Updated Sauteed Frog Legs to Well Fed - fixes another infinite potion use
  • Updated Hotdog to Exquisitely Stuffed - fixes another infinite potion use
  • Fixed violating 1.4.1 max stacks in a chest creating a dupe of the item
  • Fixed exceeding 1.4.1 max stacks in a chest causing that stack to disappear - it will now be automatically capped at 1.4.1 max stack instead
  • Fixed double potion use not being properly supported
  • Fixed issue with closing a chest while taking something out / putting something in
  • Blocked The Grand Design / Multicolor Wrench from placing wires and actuators until it can be supported properly - prevents duping wires
  • Fixed all rocket launchers having issues with certain rocket ammo use
  • Fixed placing Wires using normal wrenches
  • Fixed placing Actuators

Excuse me, what do you mean by “double potion use”? Can you give an example?


Nice update


When you use a potion (like swiftness potion) twice in a row. So:

  • Use swiftness potion → gives you swiftness buff
  • Use swiftness potion → updates existing buff

That already worked, except using the swiftness potion like that too quickly wouldn’t properly take away one potion from your stack.


AWESOME yeaaa this update saved my sanity wooo


One of the greatest update! I always like OOA drops and shop. Thanks for fixing those bugs!