Still 0 Dp after completing 21st wave(Zombies)

I have this problem for a while. Earlier I stopped getting XP too(even though I had 21 eff). Have nothing in my Title/Tag/Color/Special

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Only a few maps give DP and XP now.
These are the list of maps from Mathematics of the Economy

Map XP Multiplier DP Multiplier
Winter’s Scream x1 x1
Shadow’s Descent x1 x1
The Ascension x1 x1
Miner’s Deceit x1 x1
Death House x1 x1
Winter’s Howl x1 x1
Heaven’s Hell x1 x1
Crystal Caverns x1 x1
Dark Shadows x1 x1
Devil’s Reservoir x1 x1
Cosmic Collapse x1 x1
Shadow Requiem x1 x1
Cyber Complex x1 x1

More maps will be given DP and EP gain in the future, although the easiest maps may gain very little or none.


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