Special Items Explanation

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SItem Syntax

Syntax: /sitem {-Arg [Value]}
{-Arg [Value]} is optional. When unspecified, SItem gives you an Iron Pickaxe


/sitem Spawns an Iron Pickaxe
/sitem -i Toxikarp -s 1 Spawns a Toxikarp that shoots Wooden Arrows

Arg Types

  • Text is just text: it can be Toxikarp, Golden Shower, ‘S’ Statue, anything. However, if your text contains spaces, you will have to put it in quotes like this: "'S' Statue"
  • Integers can be negative or positive and has a min of -32768 and a max of 32767. Integers can’t have decimal values, -1 and 4 are valid, but -2.4 isn’t
    • 8-bit Integers are the same but limited to -128 to 127
    • Unsigned Integers have a min of 0 and a max of 65535
    • “Hexadecimal” prefix means the number is in base-16 instead of base-10
  • Decimals can be negative or positive. Decimals can have decimal values, -1, 4, and 6.9 are all valid

Valid Args

Item {-i [text or integer]}

The target item. When using the name, it is capitalization insensitive and autocompletes. You can also use the ID. Defaults to Iron Pickaxe when unspecified


/sitem -i "Golden Shower" spawns a Golden Shower
/sitem -i Toxikarp spawns a Toxikarp

Prefix {-p [8-bit integer|text]}

A.k.a. modifiers. You can use the Prefix Name or the Prefix ID. Specifying 0 gives no prefix. Specifying -1 or -2 gives you a random prefix


/sitem -p Light Spawns a Light Iron Pickaxe
/sitem -i Toxikarp -p Unreal Spawns an Unreal Toxikarp
/sitem -i Toxikarp -p 82 Spawns an Unreal Toxikarp

Color {-c [hexadecimal integer]}

The tint of the item. FFFFFF or white doesn’t change the item’s color. I recommend this site for picking colors:


/sitem -c 000000 Spawns a Black Iron Pickaxe
/sitem -i "White Phasesaber" -c ff0000 Spawns a Red White Phasesaber

Damage {-d [unsigned integer]}

The item’s base damage, factors(like buffs or accessories) affect this so, it won’t be exact


/sitem -d 0 Spawns an Iron Pickaxe that deals no dmg
/sitem -i "Pearlwood Sword" -d 9999 Spawns a Pearlwood Sword that deals 9999 dmg

Knockback {-kb [decimal]}

Knockback values to tooltip are available here


/sitem -kb 4.2 Spawns an Iron Pickaxe with a knockback value of 4.2 or Average Knockback
/sitem -i "Slap Hand" -kb 4.2 Spawns a Slap Hand with a knockback value of 420 or insane knockback

Use animation time {-ua [unsigned integer]}

How long(in frames) the animation plays. If Use Animation Time is higher than Use Time, then the target item is used multiple times during the animation. The number of uses is Use Animation divided by Use Time. Use Animation to tooltip is available here. Don’t mind the misleading title because it’s actually for Use Animation


/sitem -ua 4 Spawns an Iron Pickaxe with a Use Animation of 4 or insanely fast speed
/sitem -i Fetid -ua 200 Spawns Fetid Baghnakhs with a Use Animation of 200 or snail speed

Use time {-ut [unsigned integer]}

How long(in frames) the item is being used. If Use Time is higher than Use Animation time, then the item is only used once


/sitem -ua 40 -ut 20 Spawns an Iron Pickaxe that is used twice during the animation(You have to click or hold).
/sitem -i "Sniper Rifle" -ut 2 Spawns a Sniper Rifle that’s used 5x during the animation.

Shoot Projectile ID {-s [integer]}

The Projectile ID shot. List of IDs


/sitem -s 1 Spawns an Iron Pickaxe that shoots Wooden Arrows
/sitem -i "Luminite Bullet" -s 12 Spawns a Luminite Bullet that shoots Falling Stars

Projectile Speed {-ss [integer]}

Projectile’s speed in pixels(per tick/frame)


/sitem -i Shuriken -ss 20 Spawns a Shuriken that travels at 20 pixels per frame
/sitem -i "Razorblade Typhoon" -ss 1 Spawns a Razorblade Typhoon that travels at 1 pixel per frame

Scale {-sc [integer]}

Held item’s scale in decimal. Setting the scale to 2 will scale the target item by 200%(100% increase). 1 will not change the target item, but it is important to note only most items use 1 as their default scale

/sitem -i Burger -sc 200 Spawns a 200x bigger Burger
/sitem -i Breaker -sc 10 Spawns a 10x bigger Breaker Blade

Ammo ID {-a [integer]}

The Ammo ID/category the item belongs in. Anything with an Ammo ID of not 0 and a Not Ammo of 0 will fit in the ammo slots


/sitem -i "Pink Gel" -a 23 Spawns Pink Gel that’s identical to gel in terms of ammo
/sitem -i "Cursed Dart" -a 40 Spawns Darts that’s used as arrows
/sitem -i "Cursed Dart" -a 41 Spawns Darts with an Ammo ID of 41, but these need a weapon with a Use Ammo ID of 41 to be useful

Use Ammo ID {-uam [integer]}

The Ammo ID/category the item uses
Valid Ammo IDs:

ID Name
0 None
23 Gel
40 Arrows
71 Coins
75 Fallen Stars
97 Bullets
169 Sand
283 Darts
771 Rockets
780 Solutions
931 Flares
949 Snowballs
1261 Stynger Bolts
1783 Candy Corns
1785 Jack O’ Lanterns
1836 Stakes
3108 Nails


/sitem -i Phantasm -uam 23 Spawns a Phantasm that requires gel as ammo
/sitem -i Phantasm -uam 41 Spawns a Phantasm that requires ammo with an Ammo ID of 41

Not Ammo {-na [0/1]}

0 if the item is ammo, 1 otherwise. 1 will prevent the target item(assuming it’s ammo) from being put into the ammo slots and removes ammo information from its tooltip. But it won’t stop it from being consumed or used as ammo. If Not Ammo is 0, it still won’t fit in the ammo slots, but instead, refer to Ammo ID for this


/sitem -i "Wooden Arrow" -na 1 Spawns a Wooden Arrow that won’t fit in the ammo slots
/sitem -i "Sand Block" -na 0 Spawns a Sand Block that will fit in the ammo slots

Amount {-amt [integer]}

Amount of items


/sitem -amt 999 Gives you 999 Iron Pickaxes in a single stack
/sitem -i Burger -amt 2 Gives you two burgers in a single stack



Decimals and Precision

I originally included this as an HTML comment in the post, but here it is for anyone that wants to read it:

Decimals have a minimum of -340282347 + 30 zeros and a maximum of 340282347 + 30 zeros. But decimals can only practically store 6-9 digits. Note: These are floating-point numbers, it’s hard to get them to be exactly precise, but I won’t explain that here because otherwise, this will be extremely boring. However, if you want to read more:

Scale and Projectile Speed

These can be decimals, but last I checked, SItem doesn’t support them as decimals.