Some kind of "testing" mode

i was thinking about how many time i die in zombies due to less than optimal positioning around maps, so i was thinking a mode where you could spawn different waves at different times, have infinite points for testing weapons and strategies, and full-on map control

This would really just be god mode (Ability in a custom lobby (/j z -c) obtained with /ability god) with extra features. It wouldn’t be worth making a new mode just to test out maps. Also, If you control most things, it’s hard to really put a sense into what exactly will happen. For example, how do you know you will get the [weapon]? During the actual game, you may not have the right amount of score, or its blocked by zombies, etc.

Also if you want to fully test, you can test solo or with friends in a private lobby (/j z -p). You can also read this post : Zombies Abilities and Gameplay Strategies


another thing you can do in custom lobbies is by using the command /lobby toggleclasses
After using this, you can use the /item and /loadout commands. Do note that chests will act normal during this, so to toggle back simply type /lobby toggleclasses again.


the problem with is, is that i never spawn in. i just stay in the intermission area

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Perhaps you forgot to choose a map?
Remember to /vote <map name> during intermission.


it picks a map automatically, but i never spawn in


In a custom lobby, to choose a map (different than what’s already picked) it’s /lobby arena [arena] (not including brackets) and to battle its /lobby battle. Run the command again to terminate the battle.


thank you so much

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