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Sometimes, some things happen without a lot of warning in advance and can sometimes get in the way of player plans. For example, recently players tried to get together to grind DP/XP in Rapid Hardcore Zombies, but Rapid lobbies wouldn’t work. When inquired about, as done here:

There was an answer, which was:

It’s good to know the reason, but knowing the “when” I think is equally important. Hence, I propose a category for service updates here on the Forums, where staff members can post updates regarding anything related to the server, for current and for the future. There’s a lot of services on the server to keep track of, so by having this category (alongside subcategories for each Dimension and one for things that are no longer applicable) for updates to be posted to help keep players in touch, it can maybe reduce confusion and posts as shown, since we have the public updates everyone can find/point to.

As for an example of what said service update could look like in text, well, maybe something simple explaining what the issue is (if it’s an update, there’s the News category and other categories for that), a brief “why” that doesn’t give too many details (especially if it’s sensitive information like a server crashing exploit), and that’s about it?

75af3a1c4450023f3e35e6f7df47f3d4 Zombies Rapid Lobbies - 03.12.2022 square Zombies Service Updates
Due to a major bug, we have disabled the creation of Rapid lobbies in Zombies.

Something like this, with another post afterwards for them being restored?

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Yeah a public changelog or something might be a little helpful, but then again that just means it’s one more thing our developers have to maintain in addition to their current work load.

Another instance when this might have been nice was when no one could gain dp for a while.

Something like what Tru3thful showed above might be manageable though. You could honestly just make a topic briefly describing the changes or whatever necessary, and if you do not want to deal with comments or questions just lock it immediately after posting it. Just a heads up of some sort might be nice so we don’t get caught off guard or think some service is down when it was intentionally halted to be worked on.


This would be super helpful lol, my vote is imput.
The whole rapid zombies disable thing was really strange, the only reason I didn’t report it as a bug was because geo beat me to it. I’d like to know those sorts of things in advance later.