Reporting Trolls in the Gamemodes Dimension

[1] Members name.

[2] Report: what rule(s) they broke (quote them).

[3] Did this affect anyone (e.g. they were using their hacks in PvP)?

It affected ALL people wanting to join a lobby to play Zombiemodes. They were trolling and the game is bugging out and not starting every single time.

Eventually the game starts once everyone leaves. But then after that game ends and in another Intermission Map, they do that again and everyone waits again for more than 10 minutes.

Everyone just joins and leaves again and again.

[4] Evidence. (If this includes chat, Phase link one or more messages)

[Here are screenshots of people complaining and pictures of the lobbies currently active WHERE some people are only PLAYING ALONE because no one can join their lobby]

I made sure that this report wasnt done because of my own selfishness but because it is annoying majority of players in the Gamemodes Dimension

[5] Dimension: (if this is a server report).

Gamemodes, Zombiemode Dimension

[6] Roughly, the time (in UTC) the offence was made. (if this is a
server report)

Same time as report


The main problem here is that… Even if they did stop doing this and can just be ignored and not be banned… The others I have not included in the report will do the same thing, trolling.

So to say, I wanted the first people to do this get banned first, so the others will be hesitant of trolling again, thinking that trolling is at the expense of their account being banned.


See its still happening the moment I return… Its just different people…


But if there is a solution to avoid the lobby they were in to join others’ lobby instead… Please do tell me


Like the warp traps in survival, spamming projectiles only to make the intermission lag is not good for the community because they made a feature unusable because of lag.


Oh wait is this just a bug that… just happens?

There is a similar post to this

I assumed this bug happened because they were block glitching and killing each other continuously in the intermission map.

Ive also tried that /lobby descape

Ive tried using some commands like /lobby battle , but thats not possible if you arent the host… And that also means that I CAN become a host… How can I?!


what exactly were they doing?


At first, the countdown started like normal before spawning in the Map…

But then one dude, RazorBlade2005 just enabled PVP then mrdudebroham also enabled PVP as well then they killed each other multiple times. Then the countdown just…stops. Then the others just enabled PVP as well and started murdering each other in the Intermission Map.

And for 30 minutes, the game never started. Everyone who wanted to play is also stuck in that lobby.

I left the lobby and typed /inlobbies. Saw that other lobbies only has 1/12 or 2/12 players, it says its Joinable, but we cant join it, we just kept getting directed that map where they are murdering each other, or just block glitching.

And thats why I reported them. Which I assume is the reason why the game bugged or never started.


Btw before i join the server theres no countdown or anything that see on the chat also others confuse and asking why the game doesnt start also when rejoin still the same.


Also @EraRyuu i join the server and i go to zombies and zombies is working fine now im think someone fix this issue so no more problem and the bug or glitch happen 6 days ago and it reported by Georg/ACbino and it fixed today


And then you know the zombies are glitch or bug even they killing each others or not and still the same why you reported me? :frowning_face:


Dude when the lobby started youre the one who enabled PVP first, then comes in another. After you two murdered each other countless times the countdown got burried by your death notice… Cant you see my screenshots? Its on order, the first screenshotbyou can literally see your OWN NAME


It was all working at first but then you and the others killed each other countless times, which I assume is the cause of why the game never started, thats why I reported you.

Because of this, others did this as well and it happened again for another 30 minutes by other people.


Bruh before you join theres no countdown or anything on the chat its nothing also others saying why the zombies not starting even you kill players or not kill because zombies are glitch also when i left the lobby and then join and its different players and they didnt killing each others still the same come on i dont wanna fight you shill but im telling the truth and you dont know what really happened on the lobby because you didnt join earlier.


Yeah i saw your screenshots but where is countdown come on shill there are no countdown or anything killing or not killing will not start the round because zombies are glitch how many times that i said zombies are glitch


The only chance is all players leave and it will work today gamemodes/zombies working fine now someone fix it maybe tejdxa or other mods etc so why we fight about these problem that already fixed?? and working fine now.


Not possible in normal lobbies afaik (normally it would be used in map builder lobbies)

This sounds like what happens in a map builder lobby, although I have no idea what would cause that to happen if there was no actual builder.


By the way you can pvp other players when its on countdown but mysterious glitch comes out and its stuck on lobby and not starting today its fine now.

Countdown is fine now you may see its fine and already fixed also i rejoined many many times in different lobbies and no more glitch zombies is 100% working fine now.


Luckily zombies/gamemodes is working fine now so i can play it with no problems.


Lets just drop this, Im not fond of reporting other people because I believe in friendship and Im not really fixated on getting you banned, so I aint pushing it. (I know I just contradicted myself with what I just said but…well…)

Anyway if its just a bug then lets leave it as that. You aint banned, none got banned, zombiemode is back in business, Jimmy stabbed his toe… So were all fine!! FRIENDSHIP

Lez juz pway bideo geymz boiz… Uwuhooooo