Rep Mode - how it actually works

I thought I’d make this post to clarify some things for Rep Mode on the server especially for people who are helping others and giving out wrong / outdated information. Also pay attention to the date of this post, if you are reading this months after it was posted, it may also be outdated.

Two important points:

  1. The Rep Mode message in-game doesn’t mention rep mode anymore. Based on how people were responding to the message, it mislead or confused people about what they should do. The message simply states You are too new to register. Come back tomorrow and try again.
  2. Rep Mode doesn’t track your play time and never has.

It doesn’t track playtime, but it still tracks time. When you join from a new ip, the server will mark the date down that it saw that IP. If it already has that IP marked down, it won’t change the date it has. Rep mode checks how long it has been since that date when you try to register and if it hasn’t been the require time, it won’t allow you. It will also delete any entries it made that are too old as well.

This means that to register you just need to make sure that:

  1. Your ip stays the same long enough to reach the required time since the server wrote down a date
  2. You register before the date becomes too old

This is why some people might have trouble right now, because if their ip is constantly changing, the server is going to mark a new date each time their ip changes, making it impossible to register.


thanks for answer, very useful tip!

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