Questions about the building process of a zombies map

Recently I saw someone building a map and that gave me the impulse to build one too.

I have some questions about the building process of the zombies map (After I’ve read How to Create a Zombies Map) :

  1. What is the absolute minimum size of the map? Geolindrag told me that 90x50 blocks is way too small (some minutes I realized it too) so I decided to double the size to 180x100 blocks. Is that big enough? If not, I will go slightly bigger than the absolute minimum.
  2. Which blocks are forbidden in zombies maps (e.g. Sharpening station, Crystal ball, Bewitching table, Ammo box)? Or those unbalanced blocks are somehow disabled (like the red target dummies in the Intermission)?

Thank you for your response in advance.


1- i don’t think there is a minimum, For example, death house is a very small map, So its up to what are you going to build

2- There are no forbidden blocks, You can use everything you want, howeber, be carefull with animated blocks/light blocks, like Rainbow block, using that in excess will result in a lot of lag and pain for low end devices


ive seen unfinished maps smaller then the screen, (i forgot which one it was) , but use maps like that one snow dp map everyone raves about

also, you gotta get build perms (hopefuly you got em)


There are no rules for either of these; the only thing I would say is keep it playably large.


Another question is what color should be the weapon chests in Zombies where you can upgrade your weapons in Zombies? As in the quote there is no definite color but is it needed to make weapon chests distinguishable from inactive chests?

May I use this thread to ask further questions when they occur during the map creation?


All ammo and weapon chests except for life and mana should remain unpainted.


you are better off using fofles chest code, not yems (its clearer)


This may have been asked (not too sure after scrolling down very far), but are you limited to only using regular chests for item grants of all kind or can you use other chests and paint them?


You have to use the specified paints. You can use any chests (most zombies maps use a wide variety of chests). However, they all appear as normal wooden chests in the zombies gamemode for some reason, I think that was an issue to be fixed? But there’s no restriction on the type of chest in your actual build.


cool, thanks for letting me know! :smiley: