PvP v2.1.0

This post is a little delayed since the update was two days ago.

This new update for PvP brings some exciting new features and lays the groundwork for what lies ahead.

New PvP Manager
A visual redesign and overhaul of the PvP Manager web app brings a minimalist dark theme oriented design. The biggest new feature is that everything now has a changelog. You can take a quick glance at what’s new in the recently changed list on the dashboard as well as look at changelogs for individual weapons and projectiles.

Available at: https://pvpmanager.dark-gaming.com

New Tuneable PvP Settings
Solar armour has long dominated the meta. This new update allows PvP managers to set the defense granted by the solar shield and beetle orbs to open up more options and shift the meta.

The defense multiplier, previously set to 75%, is now tuneable by PvP managers. It’s been updated to 50% and with it a lot of weapons have been rebalanced.

We have further changes that will be made available in due time. Our longer ranging goals hope to allow even more control over things like armour and weapons settings but these features will only be worked on once the details are worked out and the time for these changes has come.

Blue numbers
Those of you PvPing will notice new numbers showing up in blue. These are currently temporary, and exist to provide correct damage numbers for when you take damage. This is a workaround while we correct internal calculations to make the normal damage number correct again.

We may toggle this number in further updates whenever the normal number becomes wrong due to future changes to how things like defense apply.

Other people take 1 damage
As the calculations for the normal damage number are not correct as of yet, you will see other players fighting and seemingly taking 1 damage until the calculations are fixed.

A word on duels
For those of you who have read the topic on duels as a gamemode, this is still currently in early stages and will take a while before it reaches maturity. Development on this feature is still underway. Further information will be released as we finish up fixing bugs and round off the second stage.