PvE Rework/SItem Merge


I always wanted to post this suggestion but couldn’t get around to it. Now that PvE suggestions are on the rise, I felt it was time I finally finished this. So here it is, PvE Rework/SItem Merge.

I felt that PvE was too intertangled. For example, people used it for summoning bosses just for the loot, but there’s also the economy part of it. Because of it, changes to PvE affected both sides.

My proposal is the PvE Rework/SItem Merge.

PvE Rework

The first part is clean up. Remove everything so that we have a blank slate.

PvE starts with the Main Arena. The Main Arena randomly spawns bosses and mobs. The bosses and mobs will have scaled stats depending on the players fighting it. The stats determine the DP/XP output.

Of course, just one arena would be boring and gets repetitive very quickly. So the second part would be Sub-Arenas. These arenas could be the combination of invasions and bosses, or bosses and themed enemies, etc. Sub-Arenas don’t have to be permanent. The plan is to have one Sub-Arena that contains exclusive bosses.

SItem Merge

Everyone wants a target dummy or something that they can test their weapons on in SItem.

I propose: /sm in TSL. Players can summon any boss or enemy they want, and even with custom stats. But, one major problem. TSL doesn’t have much support for mobs.

Well, about that… My solution was to approve all requests from the client. i.e., the server won’t care what the client does to a mob; it won’t care if the client deals 9999 or so damage to a boss. All it should care about is when they die, at which they will drop the loot for the client. Of course, this is just a thought. I haven’t looked into the side effects of this approach.

Disregarding the economic aspects of PvE, there is nothing wrong with its functionality; however, PvE is antiquated in design. The architecture of PvE has barely changed since 2016, and it needs to be reformed. The QS and EoL sign commands were seemingly crammed in PvE, many sign commands are underused, remnants of old builds and arenas litter the server, warp plate locations are unintuitive, and there is an abundance of unnecessary warps.

With all of this in consideration, the main reason why PvE has not been overhauled yet is because such a commitment demands a lot of time and effort.

If PvE were to be demolished and reconstructed, a team of builders needs to be assembled to undertake such a massive project.


Or, y’know, we can just ask Creative Team and Legolas


Yeah, I was thinking that they could do it. It’s just that the PvE overhaul is going to be a really massive project, and they’re a pretty small group of builders.


Currently, I’m fixing/remaking the most active arenas first. I have finished Duke and EoL arena.


Cool :+1: