Please reduce amount of score penalty for not revives

I know we need to revive when someone die.

But there are some people not play that well and die at a place where hard to help.

I cant help with that because that their problem.

Otherwise some time we may not pay attention and accidently kill off all enemy before helping out people.

Theres so many time like that.

I think score penalty not that bad but bro, dont take it all just 25% or 50% isnt that good?

I think either a penalty of 90% or you get warned every 5 seconds in chat when only 10 or less enemies are to killed and some people are dead.

You need to revive (List of Players). There are (Number) enemies left. Revive your teammates, otherwise you will lose all your points.


Ok, I can see where the idea came from, but a lot of people don’t read chat, so it still wouldn’t be as helpful. Maybe just half, for the idea of “Punish the offender in the same way the offended was punished.”

Plus, Not everyone loses their score when someone isn’t revived. Only one person does, so the warning wouldn’t be accurate


That being said, I guess I should probably put this thread here because it discusses the same topic:

On one hand, Tejada said that there was an update in progress for this, and Tejada is a mod. On the other hand, This thread is from May 2021, which is a long time ago, so you would think there would be other news about the update.


Actually, I think it’s complete, it just needs testing. There’s no ETA on when it will be released though


I’d also like to see a better system. I agree there needs to be an incentive to revive so ppl don’t just camp, but I can’t count the number of times I’ve been reviving the whole round and/or idiots keep plowing into certain death with no way to get to them except through the last mob(s), then losing huge amounts of saved up credits just trying to save them. It ends up punishing the ones taking risks to revive while the rest are either oblivious or don’t care.


There have already been ideas internally. The problem to solve is to encourage reviving sooner rather than later because waiting to be revived is less fun, especially over a longer period of time.

For now, as far as I know, it’s possible to avoid killing a mob on most maps and still revive someone; it’s only on maps with things like lava where a mob can die without being damaged by the player that you can get penalised while not killing anything yourself. However, a situation currently penalised, which likely shouldn’t be, is when someone dies right near the end of the round. Unless players are leaving a mob alive to do other things before ending the round, then it seems like they would be waiting the same amount of time whether someone revives them or kills mobs to end it.


What if someone trolls like dying right before the round ends? The penalty should be lowered when 5 enemies remain and players die when 5 or less enemies remain.


I think the simplest solution is to just remove the penalty entirely. The incentives to revive are already there in a) getting a reward, and b) getting more players back into the map to finish the round. If the last mob is a miniboss, most of the time it’s simply impossible to get around it to revive without getting killed yourself, especially on cave maps where you don’t have the head room to jump over or any other path to go around.

If negative reinforcement is still needed, the penalty should be removing the end of round bonus rather than wiping out all saved credits, and include an obvious message as to why you didn’t get the bonus. There will still be cases of unfair punishment but at least it won’t be a devastating loss especially in later rounds.