Negative Lives in Hardcore Zombies

The bug happened while I was playing hardcore zombies with Ms. Lina, and she was lagging a fair bit.

When she died and I tried recovering her, she teleported to the map’s spawnpoint with all of her items with her and -1 lives. She wasn’t able to donate any points but was able to take hits and was basically immortal for the round with the immense amount of hp she posessed.

After the round ended, her lives returned back to 1 life. She was unable to use her pirate staff after that point, causing her to get stoned and immediately dying because of it causing damage.

I don’t know how often this happens, and the effects of buying a life with -1 lives is currently unknown.



I’ve experienced -3 lives before, afaik I got hit 4 times while lagging which lead to it. However I haven’t experienced the rest of what you described

Did they lose their items?


Nope, she kept her items including her pirate staff.

It was a normal death, I was able to recover her. The only side affect I could observe was her being unable to use her pirate staff.


I got this bug again but mainly it happens if I play on Shadow Requiem.

But the situation was a bit different, in the case with 0re0, They were still alive & able to revive me.
For the recent one, Me & another player, td died.

Few other notes:

  • I can’t donate my scores to another player.

  • I can’t revive others.

  • I can’t use my ability (unable to move sentries/place a new one).

  • I can kill the enemies, and get scores, but the scores display were frozen on the digits I’m seeing, but it does raise up (as I was lagging).

  • I can buy items/upgrade, but buying life is still unknown.

  • I do take damage from enemies or by falling, but because Hardcore give you 32k hp, I was basically immortal.

  • Enemies does stay aggresive towards me

  • It does not show [Dead] next to my name.

While the -1 life was in affect, td died but the game does not restart, I was still in the lobby & td was in intermission.

After the round completed:

  1. Me and td’s scores goes back to 0, My life returned to 1 life but then,

  2. I got stoned & reset (as if I was not revived), I was teleported back to the spawn but for a split second was dragged to the last place I stood, then back to the spawn while still being stoned, killing me in the process leading to -3 life, then td left while i was in intermission, Forcing next round to start and My life went back to 1.

I also had gotten -1 life on winter’s scream with another player who was lagging as me too, but did not encounter the invincible bug.


This bug has been fixed, though not released yet. Once the fix has been released, a final reply will be posted so that everyone is aware.


Fixed in Zombies v1.27.4