Zombies v1.27.4

Map Builder Changes

Chest Item list

The item listings for chests are now formatted into a table by default. This should make it easier to see more items and their modifications


All forms of growth has been disabled. This means no need to worry about vines, thorns, and all that annoying plants

Other Changes

  • Enemies will no longer despawn when players teleport away
  • Switching to None ability now purges the ability sidebar


  • Fixed a missing space between Deployed and Moving. 9 Sentries deployed.Moving 10 sentries9 Sentries deployed. Moving 10 sentries
  • Fixed Aerial Bane + Dual Wield spam
  • Fixed boss kill bonus spam
  • Fixed Death wish killing you even if you’re dead
  • Fixed Kill wish killing a dead or disconnected player
  • Fixed Revive wish reviving an alive or disconnected player
  • Fixed negative lives (#6553)
  • Fixed Shaman/Time Warp’s sidebar flashing