Nate's PvE Handbook - For the Worthy Changes

I decided to make this guide because

1: I’m bored, and
2: I’ve been basically nonexistent.
3: I got slightly jealous of Enemy Gamer’s PvP handbook.

As some of you know, I have done multiple MMFTW runs with all four of the classes. As usual, I will be biased towards summoner in this guide, but at least in this case summoner is actually good. Don’t worry, the other three classes will also be covered.


For the Worthy is a secret seed specifically designed to make the game harder. It boosts enemy stats, makes some bosses larger and smaller, and makes some bosses more difficult by boosting their speed or aggressiveness, as well as adding new twists on bosses. It also slightly changes world generation in some ways. I will get into the precise changes throughout the guide.

The World

To create a Master Mode For the Worthy world, press the ‘New World’ button as you would normally, then in the world creation settings, select ‘Master Mode’ (the icon is a Crimson Bunny), and in the world seed, type in ‘for the worthy’ (case insensitive). The name and world evil does not matter, though Crimson (in my opinion) is more useful due to Ichor. However, just know that Brain of Cthulhu is a lot more difficult on Master Mode For the Worthy than Eater of Worlds, so it does come with a bit of a tradeoff.
Now that you’ve created the world, the first thing you’ll likely see is that the world generation text is backward (see below).
Don’t worry, this is completely normal, and it just means that the world currently being generated is the For the Worthy seed.

Note that the world generation of a For the Worthy seed has a few quirks.

  • Demonite/Crimtane and Platinum/Gold generate more frequently and in larger veins.
  • Spider Nests, Granite Caves, Marble Caves, and Glowing Mushroom biomes are much more common.
  • Glowing Mushroom biomes are much larger.
  • Sky Islands are always infected with that world’s evil.
  • Skyware Chests are replaced with Locked Gold Chests, effectively making sky loot only obtainable post-Skeletron without the use of fishing.
  • The Dungeon is painted deep green, has more spikes, and faces towards the ocean (often being buried underground in the process).
  • The Lihzahrd Temple is painted green and is three times as large.
  • All chests have a 6.67% chance to generate with an Angel Statue instead of the main item in the chest.
  • Red’s Potions naturally generate in chests, and apply 3 random buffs instead of all the debuffs like usual (this isn’t even a joke, either- Red’s Potions are actually good on this map).
  • Glowing Moss Caves are 50% larger.
  • It’s possible for some random amount of Forest to be replaced with Jungle, still with all of the same structures that a Forest biome would have.
  • It’s possible for the world to generate with no surface Jungle.
  • The Underworld’s Ash is speckled with 1-block-sized pockets of lava.
  • All Underworld Houses are made of Hellstone Brick.

Welcome To Hell

  • The Guide is replaced by the Demolitionist.
  • Trees and pots both can drop lit bombs, dealing over 100 damage and breaking tiles.
  • Bunnies have a very high chance to be replaced by Explosive Bunnies, dealing around 500 damage to you and about 150 damage to enemies. They have a weird tendency to run into enemies on purpose, but thankfully they do not chase you. They explode upon being damaged in any way.
  • Your tombstones deal damage while moving to both NPCs and enemies.
  • Boulders split into 2-4 smaller Mini Boulders with 75% base damage in random directions after breaking.
  • Web Spit projectile from the Black Recluse and Jungle Creeper randomly places Cobwebs within a 12×12 rectangular area when the projectile disappears.
  • Hornets and Moss Hornets fire stingers in random directions when killed.
  • Most Demons are replaced by Voodoo Demons.

There are a few upsides, thankfully.

  • As previously stated, Gold/Platinum and Demonite/Crimtane are easier to find.
  • Your mining speed is doubled.

If you weren’t regretting your life decisions already, everything else is buffed too! :hahbonk:

  • On For the Worthy, all enemies’ contact damage, health and coin drop rates are increased, in addition to the world difficulty multiplier, by their standard amount in a normal world. Projectile attacks are unaffected by damage bonuses. In Master mode, they are increased by 33.33% and 77.78% respectively compared to standard Master mode.

  • Enemies can be much, MUCH larger.

  • You cannot see wires at all before Skeletron is defeated.

  • Ash Blocks sometimes fall when nearby Ash Blocks are broken.


The FTW changes actually make the bosses a lot more difficult. Here’s the list;

Many bosses and/or their minions are either larger or smaller than normal:

  • Larger: King Slime, Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, Brain of Cthulhu and Creepers, Queen Bee, Skeletron, the Hungry (Wall of Flesh fight), Destroyer, Skeletron Prime, and Plantera.
  • Smaller: Wall of Flesh, The Twins, and Golem.
  • Unaffected: Deerclops, Queen Slime, Empress of Light, Duke Fishron, Lunatic Cultist, and Moon Lord.

Many bosses and their minions/parts/segments will reflect the projectiles from the Star Cannon and Super Star Shooter, this includes: Eye of Cthulhu and its Servant of Cthulhu, all Eater of Worlds’ segments, Brain of Cthulhu and its Creepers, Skeletron (both head and hands), Wall of Flesh and its Hungries and Leeches, Retinazer, Spazmatism, all the Destroyer’s segments and its Probes, Skeletron Prime (head and all four hands), Plantera, Plantera’s Hook and Plantera’s Tentacle, all parts of the Golem, and all parts of the Moon Lord.

As a general rule, bosses and their minions are affected by the same contact damage and health buffs reported above for regular enemies, while damage from projectile attacks is not affected. However, there are some exceptions.

  • Duke Fishron’s damage from Detonating Bubble, Sharknado and Cthulunado is increased, despite them being ranged attacks.
  • Moon Lord’s damage from any attack, including melee, is unchanged.

All bosses (with the exception of Deerclops, Duke Fishron, and Moon Lord) receive certain changes to their AI:

  • Eye of Cthulhu

    • First form:
      • Spawns one more Servant of Cthulhu each cycle (4 → 5).
      • When spawning Servants of Cthulhu, its maximum speed is faster (36 mph → 41 mph); acceleration is also powered.
      • Then it will slowly charge to the player three times; the initial speed is increased (36 mph → 41 mph).
      • The deceleration between two charges is enhanced and period of deceleration is shortened (1.67s → 1.42s when 60 FPS)
    • Second form:
      • When heading to the player while above 50% health, the initial speed is increased by 20%.
      • When hanging in the air above the player, its maximum moving speed (which depends on distance to the player) is increased by 10 mph; acceleration is also powered.
      • Melee damage in its second form is unchanged. (Possibly bug?)
    • Occasionally stops every so often in second phase to spin and summon a massive swarm of Servants of Cthulhu. While spinning, the Eye reflects all projectiles. This attack is performed in between dash chains.
  • Eater of Worlds

    • All segments have +2 defense.
    • Maximum speed is increased by 20 mph (61 mph → 81 mph); acceleration is also powered.
    • Body segment can shoot under world surface.
    • Each segment spawns an Eater of Souls when killed. These Eaters can fire Vile Spit.
    • All Eaters of Souls have +2 defense and 1.5x health while Eater of Worlds is alive.
  • Brain of Cthulhu

    • +20% damage
    • +21 defense
    • Spawns with twice as many Creepers (20 → 40).
    • When Creepers are charging at the player, their acceleration is about 8/3 times as fast. Creeper charging frequency is √(8/3)~1.6 times as fast.
    • The Brain of Cthulhu itself moves 3 times as fast in its first phase.
    • The Brain of Cthulhu has fully opaque shadow for the entirety of its second phase after taking its first damage.
    • Gravity is instantly reversed upon reaching second phase. This cannot be reversed until the boss is defeated or despawned.
  • Queen Bee

    • Despawns if the player is not in Jungle biome.
    • Adds 0.5 enrage coefficient constantly, wherever the player fights with Queen Bee, applying the following changes;
      • Dashing is not strictly horizontal. With more enrage coefficient, the dashing can be more tilted.
      • Dashing speed increased (FTW contribution is 18 mph).
      • After dashing at the player, Queen Bee needs to adjust position. Enraged Queen Bee can adjust faster.
      • Braking capability after dashing is also enhanced.
      • Dashing distance is shortened (FTW contribution is 3.125 block tile width, or 6.25 longitude).
      • Spawns Bees more frequently.
      • Shoots stingers more frequently (FTW contribution is that interval of two stingers is 2 frames shorter (0.033 seconds if 60 FPS)).
      • Stinger speed is increased (FTW contribution is 18 mph).
      • Precision of stingers targeting the player is increased (FTW contribution is 24%).
      • In one phase cycle, Queen Bee will shoot less stingers (FTW contribution is 3).
      • If the Queen Bee cannot shoot stingers to the player due to its position, its acceleration to adjust itself is increased dramatically.
  • Skeletron

    • When Skeletron is not spinning, its acceleration is increased, vertical acceleration is increased by 33%, horizontal acceleration is increased by 71%.
    • When Skeletron is shooting homing skulls at the player, frequency is increased by 25% (one hand down or life below 75%: 10 → 13 per cycle, two hands down: 20 → 25 per cycle).
    • When spinning at the player, its velocity is increased by 30%.
    • Reflects all projectiles while spinning during hands phase.
    • Summons Dark Casters once both hands are dead.
    • All Dark Casters have +6 defense and 1.5x health while Skeletron is alive. Their projectiles are also much faster and cannot be blocked.
  • Wall of Flesh

    • Both mouth and eye have +3 defense.
    • Speed increased by 10% and then adds additional 1 mph. Maximum speed increase to 46 mph.
    • Has an additional 1.5x health multiplier applied after the regular For the Worthy bonus, for a total of 28,560 in Master mode.
    • Summons Fire Imps.
      • All Fire Imps have +10 defense and 1.5x health while Wall of Flesh is alive. Their projectiles are also much faster and cannot be blocked.
  • Queen Slime

    • When performing her first phase slam attack, she does not pause between the rise and the fall and moves around much faster. She also launches 15 Gel per attack in her second phase, as opposed to 10. Also, the orientation of the Regal Gel attack is randomized.
  • The Twins

    • Retinazer
      • When shooting lasers in its first form, its maximum velocity and acceleration are increased by 15% (42 mph → 48 mph).
      • Can shoot 5 more lasers at first form in one cycle (9~21 → 14~26 per cycle depending on health).
      • Initial velocity of dashing at the player in first form increased by 10 mph, thus dashing distance increased by 13%).
      • Maximum velocity and acceleration in the whole second form is increased by 15% (49 mph → 56 mph).
    • Spazmatism
      • When shooting cursed flames in both forms, its maximum velocity and acceleration are increased by 15% (first form: 61 mph → 71 mph, second form: 37 mph → 43 mph).
      • Can shoot 4 more cursed flames in its first form in one cycle (9~15 → 13~19 per cycle depending on health, one cycle equals to 600 frames or 10 seconds if 60 FPS).
      • Initial velocity dashing to the player in it’s first form is increased by 20%, thus the dashing distance is also increased by 20%. Second form is not affected.
  • Skeletron Prime

    • Bombs explode blocks. Note that this does not apply on the Everything Seed.
  • The Destroyer

    • Has twice as many segments (80 → 160).
    • Acceleration increased.
  • Plantera

    • Maximum speed and acceleration increased by 15% (20/34/45 mph → 23/39/52 mph 100%/50%/25% health).
    • Projectile frequency increased (one more projectile in time interval: Seed 1.33s, Poison Seed: 1.83s, Thorn Ball: 3.33s if 60 FPS).
    • More Plantera’s Tentacles in second form (around Plantera: +6, around Plantera’s Hook: +3).
    • Plantera’s Tentacle’s speed dramatically increased (however this speed increase actually makes Tentacles fixed at a position around Plantera or her Hook at a radius depending on health value, instead of swinging which actually makes the battle more complicated).
    • Summons pink Thorns around hooks when grappling to blocks.
  • Golem

    • Attacks significantly faster, in addition to being able to phase through blocks much faster. In the second stage, the body jumps much higher and the head fires lasers faster. Effects of Blindness are applied while the boss is alive, making both phases much more difficult.
  • Empress of Light

    • Cycles faster between attacks (0.75s/0.33s → 0.38s/0.17s for normal/enraged stage).
  • Lunatic Cultist

    • Cycles faster between attacks.
    • Damage from Ancient Light and Prophecy’s End is increased, despite them being projectile attacks.



I hope you learned something new and/or benefited in some way. I’ll update the guide if anything changes or if something is incorrect.


The wall of flesh also gets meleted by phoenix blaster spam


Phoenix Blaster spam is so painful though, Hellwing Bow is autofire and deals more DPS


for plantera twinss, and destroyer use tome of inf. wisdom or unholy trident because of high dps
for prime use the crystal storm or serpent



I made it all pre-mech weapons so anybody could start on any mech boss and still be able to defeat them. Also, unholy trident has a multitude of issues, a few of which being;
1: rarity.
2: DPS (it’s heavily overshadowed by other weapons)
3: insanely high mana usage, very similar to the Tome of Infinite Wisdom.


After some testing the tome of infinite wisdom deals 1.5k dps to the twins, unholy deals 1.3k, and crystal serpent deals 1.1k.
Also try the tome of infinite wisdom on the destroyer. It can cheese it real hard. This is where that weapon shines.

Anyways, i will add the tome of infinite cheese onto the list, despite being a little harder to get than other weapons.


Say wouldn’t using the ballista rod also help with wall?


it does not do much dps but it has great range


um tome of wisdom may be more effective than nimbus rod, but it also only works if the destroyer is near the ground + much harder to get and later in progression.


what kind of crap are you using bruh, this is wayy above normal dps.

even crystal serpent shouldn’t be that high, and I love that thing to death…


should i undo the edit?


It would, but only if you spam it. Seeing as how whips deal more DPS anyway, it’s impractical and only of use if you want to stay away from the wall.


sure, why not


anyways i am using dark mage armor chlorophyte headgear and the dark artist’s leggings with lots of emblems


you do realize this is post all mechs, so that’s literally impossible to obtain at that stage of the game
also, only the Sorcerer Emblem is obtainable pre-mechs.


another tip for summoner in master mode ftw is to using beenade (dont worry beenade is class-less bc there wasnt rouge class here) to kills all of the hungers and then use the whip to target at the bottom eye, with that use flinx staff or vamp frog staff, why flinx staff/vamp frog you may ask? ok so when it target the below eye those guy will keep go up and down and start dealing damage to all 3 other parts and mean while you will focus on dodging so you wont need to do sentry stuff

(btw use bee armor for better minions stats)


it deals ranged damage, and is hence unusable for pure summoner.


whips deal better damage to WoF and Skeletron than Bee Armor and its focus on minions does. The Wall of Flesh is extremely difficult to get close to, and the Leeches are hard to get rid of without whips.

Trust me, Bee Armor is only good in a Minions-Only scenario. Even Obsidian Armor provides higher defense, higher damage, and high offensive capabilities. Of course, one could argue that Spider Armor is better than Obsidian armor (and I would agree), but Bee Armor is simply not good enough on MMFTW.

Yes I know this. However, the damage from that is nothing in comparison to SnapTap.


Detailed the weapon guides and fixed some grammar errors.


welp thats the thing, you cant just being close range to master mode wof to whip him, for sure you will need those pleasures summon tag but letting minions go up and down and dealing damage and while staying on rails is best strat and also you could hammer you rails to make them instandly goes faster when cart hit them to get away from wof

the below eye strat is way more useful than spamming sentries bc many people like me is so skillissues to even close range wof