More than 66 times

**[Q1] Ban

**[Q2] I did it once and apologized but more than 66 times that’s impossible

**[Q3] First I was accused of using buffs in pvp which I have never done and my mistake was to enter WITH only 1 account on another phone that I only have two I already apologized and I did it again it was my mistake but then in the unban request was simply rejected telling him that when he entered with more than 66 accounts that is simply impossible it would be better if they simply told me that they did not want me to play in the server this was my original request in which i was denied because i supposedly evaded with more than 66 times

**[Q4] I want to believe that entering 66 times was a mistake the first time why did I use buffs in pvp something that I have never made in my life and made my mistake was then entering another phone to find out why I already I apologized and I did it again but they denied me simply telling him to enter more than 66 when since they banned me I have only entered 1 time and then the server let me enter alone although I was banned for some reason I still didn’t get in even though I could because I knew it had been a mistake and I didn’t want to do it again and still they deny me saying that between 66 times if you just want me not to play on the server please tell me and do not accuse me of things that are simply impossible for me to do I do not even have many phones I only have 2 and the server since I started playing in it I only had those two and one more than I don’t have time


Some words are misspelled why the translator is not that good Here is my original request Sorry for being ignorant


Another player told me that maybe they got confused checking the IPs and that’s why they thought that between more than 66 times


or maybe it was the times that I tried to enter and he told me that he couldn’t and that added 66 times and they thought that he had entered even so I didn’t try to enter 66 times when I got the ban I really want to think That was a mistake


Looking better at my previous request, it not only told me that between 66 times but with 66 different accounts