Misusing Telekinesis

[1] Members name.

[2] Report: what rule(s) they broke (quote them).

[3] Did this affect anyone (e.g. they were using their hacks in PvP)?

Yes, Pecka had been using telekinesis to kill other players and get points from reviving them, they do this intentionally not once, but every time they are playing in a lobby even after others saying to stop. Other players lose their points multiple times because of Pecka using telekinesis to pull or push the mobs toward the players, ruining the experience.

how can I be sure? well, I’ve been playing zombies a lot and occasionally got in the same lobby with Pecka, and all of those times, they used telekinesis. their tactic is pretty “predictable”. usually starts on round 4, they go somewhere “safe” to do the pull/push to hit the mobs to other players. then the players died, they go there to revive & got the “reviving” points.

some players might encounter Pecka & know about their telekinesis ‘exploit’ but did not seem to gather enough evidence. so I did for the sake of it. there are longer videos but to save times, I edited to shorten it & take ones that I think is pretty noticeable, it’s hard to collect proofs as telekinesis do not have “visual” effect to help see who is using it.

[4] Evidence. (If this includes chat, Phase link one or more messages)

video 1
in this video, it shows that someone used tele to pull that granite elemental towards me, and from the position, I’m really sure its Pecka. look how they get on the “safe” spot before doing the pull & tried to kill me, you can also see where the direction of the granite elemental was pulled. in the chat, it shows Pecka indeed has the telekinesis ability at that time.

video 2
this is during the same time as the video above, but on round 5, look how pecka use the pull on the boss and it hits multiple players. also in the chat, some player was frustrated by the constant deaths.

video 3
this is on a different map, I was lagging a bit but you can clearly see the pull by the telekinesis. (and also loky was invincible, already reported).

video 4
this was an old video I recorded. I was lagging a fair bit, and Pecka used the tele making the eye glitched & hit me. for proof, pecka did use the telekinesis as shown in the “Pecka’s telekinesis leveled up”. also, Pecka got the highest score from reviving the dead players.

[5] Dimension: (if this is a server report).
Zombies gamemodes.


This is off-topic, but wow, how long did it take to upload and record those videos?


It does take quite a long time & requires a bit of patience. I finished making & editing the video in a day but the recordings & capturing the act was the hard part.


I’ve seen this person too, he always picks telekinesis and glass castle, I don’t like glass castle much, and its very flat which makes telekinesis deadly.


At this point it is amazing how Pecka has still remained unpunished about it, I hope something is done about them soon


Firstly, Glass Castle is epic and you cant say otherwise

Also, with the time dedicated to making the videos, i want to see Pekka banned as she/he seems like a threat to the community of Dark Gaming


I’ve tried reporting them again and again but no actions were taken against them that I’m aware of.


Wait I remember this malicious player! When I was with them, it was Glass Castle but they somehow killed themselves with the telekinesis by using it and pushing a Hoplite into the Castle and it attacked them. As I say, karma has its ways


Also, Pecka could also be ban evading… thats why they haven’t been banned yet


No, they were just out in the open -as a member- the last time I saw them.


First, glass castle may only be good for dp, though I like cyber complex and literally most other maps

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I don’t think the economy is enabled in Glass Castle.

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Yes it is, pretty sure at least

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No, it’s not, look here, Glass Castle is too easy to have earnings…

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