Metal trashing rewards balancing in DTP

Shrink the dp rewards of trashing metals by 10 times (R4: 8K → 800) because else you can get with 1 click the same rewards as 6 h zombies hc.

I’d like this nerfed as else you can hope and vote to get metals to throw away instead of being encouraged to hop on pvp/pve/zombies

Edit: As @lamplight15 told me it is advised to also rollback else those who were fast will remain rich forever.

No I love the new economy


bro please don’t
the poor will get poorer and the rich will get richer


I agree with Helfire. Capitalism rules!


Reject Capitalism return to Communism :).


(I’m just kidding I love the new dtp system)


In my opinion this isn’t even close to be needed, because of that, PvE revived completely, now there’s finally a reason to grind PvE again.


some of us literally cannot go ingame to obtain dp, so metals rock

anyway, the sheer dp loss from above 15k is insane, and besides, its not like huge amounts of dp is bad

capitalism must stay


Metals don’t discourage you from the normal routes, remember that leveling up gives loot boxes. To maximize your chances you would need to do what you normally do to gain DP anyway because that also rewards XP, which helps you level up.

The reason why some people managed to get some good DP today or not is whether they trusted me (or just like shiny things) when I said that they will be useful in the future. Don’t forget that some people literally saved a bunch of them and only now cashed in everything.

I’ve also already stated that we are moving towards the end game of the DTP over the next long period where our precious stuff will be frozen. I’m hoping that during this time people will be able to max out on things like upgrades before we eventually start again in the new system.

As for whether the current prices are too high or low, it’s not easy to be sure yet since it has only just arrived, those who had a full inventory of metal items likely have none left, so we shall see how quickly and easily people obtain the higher price ones.


I thank you for your information. Now I fully understood what has happened. All “reports” about people getting suspiciously fast DP I have maybe sent I will revoke with this message.


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