Little Big Garden Overview

Little Big Garden

This is a Map that will rely on control of the mobs, there are only a few platforms to get up and dodge, if you don’t clear enemies, you will get more problems than in an usual map, Teamwork will be your best weapon, otherwise, you will need sentries or a lot of skill



About the classes

Warrior beetle

This is the meele class, This one will be most in control of hordes, and in early game you will be able to survive the most,but in late, you will struggle a bit, in defense you will be better, with posibility to buy 3 worm scarfs to get 51%DR

Power bee

This is the Mage class, You will suffer a lot in the early game, and you will rely lost on escape and attack, However, you are the only one with a farming weapon, So this will be helpful if you want to guarantee your survival at R13, Also you will be more powerfull compared to Warrior beetle, at late game, but only if you ever manage to reach there



You will find both at the flower leaves


One will be at the Left of the lake , this will be your main weapon
The second is inside the hot rock, If you enter there, you will lost at least 60HP
The third its bellow ground, More explanation in a bit


At the right of the rock close the flower, or also left of the tall tree


Life,mana and basic potions, will be bellow the house, just use the cursor and Rclick/touch it

Other one will be at the top of the hot rock, there will be either damage potions, and mana potions


One at the far right of the map
One at the top of the tree,and other on left of the tree
One at the pool
And the last at close the house bench

Huh secrets?

You will see 4 switches , Howeber, There are only 2 that works, and will open the floor in the undergorund at house,There will be another weapon chest
First you will need either Telekinesis or do the parkour in the tall tree,
The parkour is very easy to do,as long that you never stop moving, if you ever stop moving at the mid platform, you will probably not gonna be able to reach the other side

Once you got that, you will be able to reach all the switches to open the floor

Aslo you will need the frog legs to get the accesory chest at the top of the tree