Journey's End Update Notification?

TL ; DR: I recommend making an announcement on the Dark Gaming Forums and on the Dark Gaming Discord about general things that will occur following the release of the Journey’s End update on May 16, 2020. That way, users can have answers to questions they may have, and if there are compatibility issues, users can be aware of them and/or take necessary steps to avoid them.

Journey’s End is just around the corner, and with the update comes a slew of new features, updates to existing mechanics, and other miscellaneous things. I believe that it would be a good idea to let players know what will be happening to the server following the update’s launch. I’m fully aware a few topics related to the matter were discussed in the Discord, as I was there and even asked a few questions myself. However, for those who didn’t see them, I believe spreading the information about what will happen to the server (updating, implementation of Master Mode, potential compatibility issues, etc.) following the update.