1.4 Update Plan

RE: Journey's End Update Notification?

Some of you may be wondering what will happen the millisecond after 1.4 is released. I’ll break this down from my perspective.

Before 1.4

If you want to join the server at all, backup your current Terraria. If you update, you will not be able to join. The version check the server does will fail, and even if I allow any new version, it’s likely that things will either be broken or you won’t be able to finish the joining process

Upon 1.4 release

I will purposely update to 1.4 and try to join the server, I will be applying patches locally until I can get in. As soon as that happens, I will patch the server live to allow people to join and an announcement will be posted that our server is joinable. This doesn’t mean that everything will work fine, but you will be able to join at least.

After that I can then patch any remaining differences so that the experience is as it was on

Server support

It’s important to differentiate between 1.4 client support and 1.4 server support. 1.4 client support means that, like we do with mobile, those clients can join our server. Unlike mobile, 1.4 client’s would be ahead of the server in features. This means your client can do things the server cannot. So we cannot spawn new npcs until we have 1.4 server support. Please keep this in mind for below.

1.4 client support - from day one (most likely)
1.4 server support - between 1 week and 2 weeks after release

1.4 server support will take much longer because absolutely everything needs to be updated and working on all dimensions before we can enable it.


I expect that people will be looking for the new items almost immediately after they are able to join, so either me or someone else will be adding “Hot” items into a chest like we did with 1.3 and the item command will need to be updated with the item names of any new items. The categories themselves will also need to be updated by someone to contain those new items. This can actually be done as soon as we have 1.4 client support, no 1.4 server support needed. Expect this on day one.


Obviously 1.4 poses a potential drastic change to survival, and it’s no doubt that people would want to use the new items that have been added throughout the “tiers” of the game’s item progression. As we are not privy to any information, there’s no telling exactly what’s going to happen with survival. I expect that we will have 1.4 client support and then people will just play and find out what works. But until 1.4 server support, there won’t be any proper 1.4 playthroughs.


Zombies is mostly limited in scope compared to survival, because we pick what weapons exist on the map and what mobs appear, so as long as there aren’t ai changes that cause desyncs, this should work with client support pretty well.


Any new weapons will either not apply damage or will be inconsistent in applying damage. If any damage values have changed on existing weapons, you will not see that either. The only things that will fully apply are any changes to how any projectiles work because that’s currently client-sided.


There are no plans to change our current stance on mobile support. Mobile players will still be able to join our server and will continue to be able to do so, even after 1.4 server support.

This is my plan for 1.4:
Step One : Make a copy of the old terraria in the folder and name it Terraria Dark Gaming
Step Two : Update Terraria.exe
Step Three : Go to Terraria.exe
Step Four : Play 1.4
Step Five : Go to the copy
Step Six : Play DG!

Maybe we can all play on a copy of old Terraria while developments are made through 1.4.