Influx Waver Nerf

[What is the actual item/mechanic/thing being targeted?]
Influx Waver

[What would you like specifically changed about it?]
Reduce the maximum damage by 10, and lower the base damage by 10but on the other side, add 1 or 2 velocity because it is hard to hit. Furthermore, make the projectile deal 110 percent damage so the blade is less rewarding.

[Why do you feel that this change is needed?]
The Influx Waver is too rewarding for how much skill it actually takes, thus it is anti-skill

[Anything else you would like to note]
The damage cap right now competes with the Breaker Blade, and the Chlorophyte Claymore, which is downright ridiculous. The projectile alone deals 400dps on most players.

Probably just a skill issue on your part, the Influx Waver is completely fine the way it is. It can be countered fairly easily and its generally outclassed by other weapons doing similar things, like the true blades or even the terra blade. Influx Waver’s velocity is what makes it unique, it can be avoided with ease with the right game sense and experience. Giving it more in response to lower max and base damage makes it part of the “content bloat” PvP item section.
I don’t think its fairly rewarding to use, the only way it is rewarding is predicting where the player is gonna go and that will be difficult with the low velocity. It only becomes a threat when you’re new and inexperienced in ffa spam or go around flying in a ufo.


Look at the damage cap

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Yes? Melee’s effectiveness isn’t all damage caps, its also size, effect, and swing speed. Breaker blade has a mediocre damage cap because of its effect, which deals double damage to players over 90% health. Lets take a look at the statistics of the chloro saber, to prove that the damage cap is there on the breaker blade to balance it out.

This is a weapon is not made for CqC. There is no minimum damage, meaning if you try to rush using this with a mixed kit you’re better off just not rushing at all (unless theres a good health advantage)
Now, lets look at a very good rushing sword.

The orichalcum sword works great for rushing, due to it not having a max damage cap. What I’m trying to say here is that the influx waver has medium stats for a melee, and most of those stats are there so it can be atleast viable as a weapon. Don’t believe me? Look at the true sword series:

This is a medium stat sword. I’m going to go eat dinner now


Influx is in no need of a nerf.
It’s essentially a mildly higher damage tblade.


let me give my two cents on this;
Helfire brought up that it’s outclassed as a rushing tool because of average stats, average max damage, min damage and base damage
But the actual most important thing that a rushing sword needs is damage and size. Influx Waver is stubby, and has 84 base damage, while Chlorophyte Claymore and Breaker Blade both do above 90 damage and are big swords.
The reason size is so important is because it’s really hard for the aggressor to stay on top of someone with a sword, while it’s really easy for the defender to stay out of it’s range.
Plus, considering that CC and BB both do > 6 more base damage, you’re better off using those for more base DPS.
I’d say that max damage and minimum damage do not matter as much as you think it does, because even with a melee kit, you’re never hitting max damage on anyone that isn’t a glass cannon.
Min damage is only really important when going against beetle armor users, as you’ll never hit min damage unless you have no melee damage investment.
What Helfire didn’t bring up, however, is the projectile’s use.
The projectile is rather wide, but the problem is is that it’s way too slow and very easily reactable. You’re better off using Terra Blade or True Excalibur.
It’s even slower than TNE’s projectile, which is already slow, but it has the privilege of covering a much larger area.

TLDR: Size and DPS are vital for a sword to be a good rushing sword, and Influx is outclassed in both aspects.
It’s also outclassed as a projectile-firing weapon because its projectile is slow and small.


I literally haven’t seen anyone ever use the Influx Waver, well except for a hacker one time but still…

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