I need suggestions and help with balancing for my upcoming Zombies map

I’ve started work on the submission for a map I made with the help of @Rafaelgamerplay_raf. I’ve got a few problems, though.

For once, I can’t decide on a proper name on the map. I’ve thought of the name “Crashland”, but I’m not sure if it’s good enough or sounds right.

Second, I need a little help on overall balancing. For now, I’ve made a weapon chest for a ranger class (Astronaut):
(Projectile ID 88 is Laser Rifle’s projectile, it can pierce through 2 enemies; projectile ID 294 is Shadowbeam Staff’s projectile, it can pierce infinitely)

If you spot any balance changes that should be done, know any vital information that should be kept in mind during making the submission, figure out any names for the map, or have other suggestions (whether it be weapons, accessories, ammo types, etc.) I’d love to see them.

A snapshot of the map:

The map’s right above locean if you’d like to check it out.


Why does getting the chest alternate between getting ammo, and getting Weapons? They should be seperate. Here is how it would look.

Weapon Price
Handgun 3000
Clockwork Assault Rifle 10000
Uzi 40000
Zenopopper 150000

This is how it is raw

|Clockwork Assault Rifle|10000|

Check Guide to Formatting for more


I think Shadowbeam is way too good, maybe reduce the amount of bullets given


Have the current weapons even been playtested for the purpose of this post?