I need my mod changed on my ban appeal

as the title says, I need Maderia switched for another mod on my ban appeal. I talked to someone in the discord before I got banned about it and they said that my mod should be changed but hasn’t. I would also like this because maderia has not checked the forums in a while and has multiple ban appeals waiting. thank you.


This is the list of all untagged ban appeals assigned to Madeira as of 2021-11-13T23:00:00Z:

User (Forum name) Ingame name Link Created on Assigned to Madeira Last reply by staff
flxxvs flxxvs 3.0 Flxxvs ban appeal for cheating Nov 06 Nov 06 none
Pezz JamsunsiXD Banning for using items? Nov 08 Nov 08 none
SkyFlax69 skyflax Making a item exploit in survival Oct 31 Nov 03 Nov 02

I recommend to wait until 2-3 weeks are passed since the assignment and if there is no response, I’d dm staff.

If it is wrong do not hestiate to correct me.


seems good ty


The only staff that can appeal your ban is the one who administered it. Therefore, the mod for your appeal can’t be changed. The exceptions to this rule include:

  • The staff allowed others to assign themself(I did this for Grim and Skemor’s ban)
  • Someone else has taken over the staff’s ban appeals
  • The staff that administered it is no longer staff(Applicable to Quinci’s and yems’ bans)
  • The ban was made automatically by the system

thank you but he has responded


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