I don't know what I should say

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or if none, the reason
Link: Ban

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?
Really I don’t know I don’t see any rule talk about it but I think it’s this one

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
I think it’s fair

[Q4] Why should we unban you?
This time I don’t do something wrong I only go in server but I have lot off same buff but I don’t use it I asked question this thing allowed or no before I use Before I doing something stupid this will tell you everything what happened
This week I’m not in server often I doing challenges I only go to server for zombie
If it takes to long I give up


You need to follow the format (Q1).
Do not post a new appeal; edit your existing one. Post a reply here once you have made the corrections.


I know but I don’t have ban link


What pops up when you are trying to join game
Edit: wait, you fixed appeal correctly


You were banned for being caught entering PVE with illegal buffs in a screenshot in Before I doing something stupid. That screenshot shows that you asked only after doing what you wondered if it was allowed. Even entering the server with illegal buffs is already breaking S5#1 - Hacks (not exploits) as you had to use a third party program to apply the illegal buffs.

However that was not your only offence: you hacked on May 05 in survival, and were reported in Starlight godmoding in survival (who has proven to be really difficult to catch in the act) and also in one PM report. This resulted in your first ban in Ban. You have evaded the ban two weeks later on May 21 and were banned again in Ban.

In your first appeal you promised not to hack anymore but now you have done it again. Due to being banned a second time for the same rule, your appeal is denied.