I cannot build in the build area

I am unable to build in the build dimension. I am on PC and I recently became crew as of a few days ago. I try to mine blocks to build something in the surface warp and I am unable to do anything at all. I tried going to the fixcrew site and there is no change. I would appreciate some assistance.

This happened to me too when I got crew. You got two options for this;
First, try using this link in an attempt to “renew” your crew and have it fixed. If however it doesn’t work, the second option you have is to contact Rofle (popstarfreas) and ask him personally to fix your crew.

This was discussed to some extent in this post:

If your Crew permissions work as intended in every other dimension but Build, then the issue is with Build (try using /tp in the other dimensions).
Build is unconnected to the Trade System, and it irregularly updates to apply new changes such as permissions or different Colors.

I went to the survival world and I am able to do /tp so I guess it is an issue with build.