Hi, I'm new here

My original name is “BotNet64” but I misspelt it and thanks to myself now I know that the name BotNet64 is already taken.
so i finally got my /register done and following that comes the trading account I thinks it’s called but what ever I mean that page where you can see your inventory, XP, Efficiency & DarkPoints.
I’ve read about the economy system and all those stuff, but I wanted some tips and suggestions from this servers veterans to get a good start.

most importantly, the best ways to get DP, and of course the best ways to get XP.
thanks <3


Welcome to DG!

There’s a guide for this, it’s a bit outdated but covers most of the general info.


PvE is likely the best dimension for farming:

for DP, use a powerful hammer to repeadetly destroy the duke fishron spawner sign to summon multiple dukes
use pogo stick and celestial starboard + soaring insignia to traverse the arena in a zig-zag pattern

for exp, head to the mixed arena and find the queen slime spawner sign. queen slime is the most efficient for earning exp, but make you have exp efficiency

if you can get a good team, you can get a bunch of exp and dp in zombies survival; however getting far in a earning-enabled map takes a while and getting a good team is unlikely nowadays


Thank you a lot <3


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