Haste Mode


This is my first released thoughts about this. And its one of my 2 submission (2nd - boost sentry, but if no - ok no) that i didn’t left just in old submissions and all forgot. No, I always think how modify it and really wanna see this in server. It will unique i guess. So i got much more ideas.

Short: You have some lives and you should fastly complete tasks to not lose them.

Number of members: 4-12

So you have 3 basic lives. You get +1 live when:

  • Do task first 2 times in a row
  • Do 5 tasks without mistakes (starts working only after t20) (t20 - task 20)

You can’t get more lives if you left alone

You lose live when:

  • Make task too long
  • Make task incorrectly
    (you stop complete task when make it incorrectly, and you should just end of current task)

There’s 2 difficultes, they will depend time for task complitation
Easy (e) (x time to complete)
Hard (d) (2x time to complete)
x= (5-round/10), minimal is 2 (seconds)

Inventory filled with same category things

And. There’s list of tasks:

  • Build all blocks blocks (e)
  • Mine all blocks blocks (e)
  • Use all any consumable (no healing potions here) (e)
  • Use weapon/RoD/bubble wand/etc(e)
  • Shoot all ammo by weapon(d)
  • Wear accsessory/armor/armor set/any from pets-mounts equip page (e)
  • Wear all similar things, like boots, emblems, shields, expert drops, etc (d)
  • Paint all with any paint paint
  • Summon critter/boss (e)
  • Summon boss with needed enchanted sundial used, like Destroyer, EoC, etc (d)
  • Kill mob with weapon (d)
  • Kill mob with weapon and ammo (d)
  • Interact with any furniture, much furniture spawnes (e)

I guess ill make more

Wanna see this on server (low ppl has votes so i decided to do poll)?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Need more explaining

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Bru just created and made 2 edits


I know that you put other items in the category but RoD is not usable by most players.

Nobody has build perms in a lobby.

Nobody has build perms in a lobby.

You should try and find a way around the fact that nobody can build or edit the map.

As far as i know these have a similiar problem, i dont think anyone is actually allowed to summon critters and im unsure whether or not they actually work properly.

Most maps don’t have a Enchanted Sundial which would need you to place one, and that is not possible, additionally most people do not have the perms to use it, even if it were to exist on the map, also time is frozen to like 7:31pm so its always night.

This one should be possible but im still unsure due to nobody having build perms since that also blocks proper interaction with some furniture tiles.


Its will specifial lobby where will like sandbox, in center of it you should do all.

dont need RoD perms for that

Resetted client-side i guess should work

dont need crew

allow to use it

its only for zombies


i seem to have mixed a few things up.

Even crews and mods cant summon critters, at least in survival but i think thats global for the entire server.

unsure how this will be settled since its probably global on the server side.


So we should wait Rofle


I think this is an ongoing issue with what the developers are adding support for placing and mining blocks for TSL (?) dimensions, like gamemodes, or the MyBuild dimension.


Anyway it’s possible to make not including that some