Gun Game Stage 1

Stage 0


This game is based on CoD’s Gun Game

The game is simple. You’ll be given new equipment every time you kill someone. Anyone killed with a melee weapon will go back to the previous equipment. The goal is to reach the last tier first

Lobby Limit

  • Min: 4
  • Max: 12

For Map Creators

Command Syntax

  • Arguments in [] are needed
  • Arguments in () are optional
  • Arguments in {} are repeatable
  • Put words with spaces in quotes like so: /i "Golden Shower"
  • Integers are whole numbers
    • :white_check_mark: -3, -2, 1, 5, 7
    • :x: 1.3, FFFF00, true
  • Decimals are integers with fractional components
    • :white_check_mark: -3, -1.2, 2, 4.5
    • :x: FFFFFF, FF00FF
  • Hexadecimal integers are integers written in base-16
    • :white_check_mark: FF00FF, FF2211, 472543
    • :x: FF0FF.1F, FF.22

Adding Items

Command Syntax

/ggitem add [Tier] [Item ID or Name] (Stack)


/ggitem add 1 1
Adds 1 Iron Pickaxe at Tier 1

/ggitem add 3 "Copper Shortsword" 1
Adds 1 Copper Shortsword at Tier 2. (Note: Tier 2 is blank because it wasn’t defined)

Defining Tiers

Players start at Tier 1

Tiers are defined by items

Blank tiers uses the set before it

Health and Mana

Each Life/Mana Crystal defined at a tier equals 1 HP/MP, while each Heart/Star equals 1 HP/MP healed when they upgrade to that tier

A globally defined Heart/Star heal every time they upgrade

Updating & Modifying Items

Command Syntax

/ggitem update [GGItem ID] {[Update Type] [Value]}
/ggitem mod [GGItem ID] {[Mod Type] [Value]}


/ggitem update 40 t 4 id 3521
Puts GGItem 40 at Tier 4 and changes the item ID to 3521

/ggitem update 41 t 5 st 32
Puts GGItem 41 at Tier 5 and changes the stack to 32

/ggitem mod 40 c 42
Makes GGItem 40 deal 42 dmg

/ggitem mod 41 sc 0.1
Makes GGItem 41 90% smaller

/ggitem mod 43 uam 97 ss 2
Makes GGItem 43 use bullets and travel 2 ppt(pixels per tick)

Update Types

  1. Tier {t [integer]}
  2. Item ID {id [integer]}
  3. Stack {st [integer]}

Mod Types

  1. Prefix {p [integer]}
    • A.k.a. modifiers
    • List of IDs
    • 0 is the default
    • -1 Gets a random prefix(used during Crafting). -2 is the same but for reforging
  2. Color {c [hexadecimal integer]}
    • Item’s tint
    • White or #FFFFFF is the default
  3. Damage {d [integer]}
    • Item’s base damage
  4. Knockback {kb [decimal]}
    • Knockback the item hits for
  5. Use animation time {ua [integer]}
    • How long(in frames) the animation plays
  6. Use time {ut [integer]}
    • How long(in frames) the item is being used
  7. Shoot Projectile ID {s [integer]}
  8. Projectile speed {ss [decimal]}
    • The speed of the projectile in pixels
  9. Scale {sc [decimal]}
    • Held item’s scale
  10. Ammo ID {a [integer]}
    • The item’s custom ammo ID
    • Use 23 to make the game treat it like gel
    • Or use your own ID to make your own ammo
  11. Use ammo type {uam [integer]}
    • The item’s ammo type
    • Valid ammo IDs:
      0. None
      23. Gel
      40. Arrows
      71. Coins
      75. Fallen Stars
      97. Bullets
      169. Sand
      283. Darts
      771. Rockets
      780. Solutions
      931. Flares
      949. Snowballs
      1261. Stynger Bolts
      1783. Candy Corns
      1785. Jack O’ Lanterns
      1836. Stakes
      3108. Nails
    • You can use Mod 10 to create ammo 74, then use this mod to use that ammo
  12. Not ammo {na [true/false]}
    • True if the item is not ammo, false otherwise
  13. Dropped width {dw [integer]}
    • The dropped item’s width
  14. Dropped height {dh [integer]}
    • The dropped item’s height

Removing Items

Command Syntax

/ggitem delete {[GGItem ID]}
/ggitem deleterange [GGItem ID Start] [GGItem ID End]
/ggitem deletetier [Tier]


/ggitem delete 1 4 6
Removes GGItems 1, 4, and 6

/ggitem deleterange 4 7
Removes GGItems 4 to 7

/ggitem deletetier 6
Removes all items in Tier 6(Note).

hmm, it is also possible to use sitem, and randomized perameters are also doable so maybe a gun game with randomly generated weapons? i mean rng is never fun because it beats the point of skill but you can do it

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I just wanted to mention it was possible for the prefix(it’s vanilla Terraria), but I’d imagine no one would use it considering it is rng. Note this also applies for Zombies


Wouldn’t this gamemode just be overshadowed by zombies? Few people would play it because, well, they’d always go to zombies first and as a whole, it’s not much strategy. Your just shooting guns.

To expand on this, you’d have to learn strategy for each gun in a map, and to be the best, you’d have to learn all that strategy to shoot then switch to another gun that you’d have to learn and so on.


I don’t think it will, because both games are in different genres. I was also originally thinking of just a gun duel, but that was just Duels with extra guns, so instead, I went with this. However, it may compete with Duels, because in a way, Gun Game is just Duels with limitations. Depending on the circumstances, I might release another Stage 1 more focused on Duels as opposed to Zombies.

Also, guns aren’t necessarily essential because you can use bows or tomes if you want.


I would change modding items to not use mod types / update types as ints. Use a simple string instead, and/or provide a way to set multiple with one, like with sitem.


I updated it :+1:


so how about this, in the parameters for /ggitem you can try doing
var ParaX = new Random();
and while defining /ggitem use the para as one of the parameters, im not sure how that would work in c# because i do something like that in python but usually in that case set a lim function for it so it doesnt just generate something thats a bit absurd, or just define an array with pre-picked projectile ids and use random_shuffle and pick like array[x]


What do you mean?

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ig what i was trying to say there is that some weapons can keep changing while being used, it does mean you have to constantly remove the item and get it back unless there is a way to update items


What would that be used for?


well this might be useful on another type of gamemode, but you can limit someone to like 5 bullets lets say, and add a command such like /ggadd <minimum projectile id> <maximum projectile id> <excluded projectile ids> <amount> <cycles>, and maybe a 1 shot round or something, idk im not the most creative brain with this type of stuff