Graveyard Gauntlet For Zombies gamemode

Hello all, I wanted to give an idea for spicing things up at the gamemode section of the server.

For that I’ve thought about making a Competitve gameode within zombies like Esports, We’ll name it the “Graveyard Gauntlet”.

  • Event Details:

Date and Time: Will be decided by the admins
Game Mode: Zombies
Objective: Survive as long as possible!

This program will be conducted 4 times a year, in each quarter and will be named S1, S2… and so on.

We will have a Team of 3 players and the same can be registered at a google form, In that we can take the Team’s name, Discord username, Ign, Name of the leader, Name of the players in that team, The classes and Abilites which have to be used by them and Their Timezome most importantly.

  • Playing

1.The map will be randomly selected and the one will be from the Medium difficulty pool, also, the map will be same for all participants.

  1. The team Will spawn and Survive for the Longest time possible, We Will also record the time for each team and decide the Results from the same.

  2. A team can be eliminated IFOF (If and only if) all the players die and the map ends.

  3. If the same Number of rounds is played by 2 teams before Elimination, The Time spent will be counted, The team which spends more time playing legitimately, will be given preference over the other team

  4. If the time is same, We can go on the basis of time spent in each round, The faster the better. (So for example, if Team A spends 1 min in 1st round, and Team B spends 1.25 mins in the same round, Team A will be given 1 point and the points will keep on adding for each round passing , so if total of 13 rounds were played by both teams, but Team B has more Time Points, then they will be given preference in results.)

  5. In order to prevent panic, Teams are NOT allowed to communicate to one other During the Match, Before that is ok.

  • Rules
  1. Participants Cannot Change their classes, it has to be the same as the one specified in the google form.

  2. If due to any unforseen reason, any member cannot join then their place can be taken by a random person in the discord if he/she is available and online.

  3. All participants Will start with the same base equipment and resources provided by the Chests.

4.Participants must abide by the server rules and refrain from using any cheats, hacks, or exploits to gain an unfair advantage.

  1. No Griefing, Intentional disruption of other players gameplay or griefing is strictly prohibited, That includes opening doors to unalive your teammate for their score.

  2. Afking is NOT allowed, That means, Door tank strat is invalid, so is the Strat where we can place tanks and cover them with snipers to make a killing machine, That solely destroys the purpose of the the competition, Where we can see who has the most experience and uses it Wisely to Go as far as possible.

  3. Any Sort of manipulation used by the teams in order to artificially increase their time will not be tolerated and Penalties will be adjusted accordingly. Artifically increasing time Means that if the team is waiting to kill the last enemy just to increase their time or not at all killing zombies for increasing their time (To prevent this, we can set a timer like in rapid mode, where if a enemy is not killed in 180 seconds then the map ends and time is recorded for the same).

8.In case of disputes or unforeseen circumstances, the server administrators have the final say.

  1. Other then that, all the same rules as of zombies gamemode WILL be followed.
  • How to Participate:
  1. Discuss with other players and make a team of 3 people.
  2. Give The Team, leaders, paricipants name and other details in the Google form provided
  3. Be there At the time of the Event.
  • Prizes

(IFOF Crew is available, for guests, we’ll discuss and update the Topic accordingly)

We can have Some custom Titles and Tags like

Title ==> [S1 Winner] Tag==> [Name of the Team]

Title ==> [S1 Runnerup] Tag==> [Name of the team]

The Name of the team should be given freely, and We can also give DP

3.33k for each of the winning Participant.
2k for each of the Runnerup Participant.
1k for the 3rd Team.

100 dp for participating.

Accepting any updates on the overall idea, Any input from the members will be Appriciated and added if the admins approve it

Make :cat2: Great again !!!



oh this really reminds me of Zombies pvp: unexplored potential
well, at least i found someone else who is really interested in competitive zombies


Das true, I hadn’t seen the above topic before posting, but yeh ig we do need competitive zombies lmao