Forums - Still Being at Voting Limit Despite Removal of a Vote on a Suggestion

This was written on my phone, however I checked the desktop version of the Forums and the situation was unchanged.

Dimensions or Services it affects
Voting up topics on the Dark Gaming Forums.

Your in-game account name

How often it happens
Uh… any time that someone attempts to remove a vote to allocate to another suggestion, only to find out they can’t?

Any screenshots or videos showing the bug
To summarize: I was attempting to vote up this recent suggestion:

However, I am at my voting limit. In an attempt to remedy that so I could vote up the suggestion, I removed my vote from this suggestion:

Which lead to me taking this screenshot, to note to return the vote if either suggestion were to be accepted:

This screenshot shows my vote being on the above suggestion. However, when I attempted to then vote for the Gladiator Armor Buff suggestion, I was still told I was at my vote limit, despite removing a vote:

Furthermore, my vote from the Points Return to Sender suggestion has been removed:

Thus, I lost a vote overall. Why? I don’t know. But… maybe this should become a Discourse bug report?


Yeah, i think it is more likely to get an answer from the discourse forum also that explains why i have only 5 votes


hm, how many votes do you have left?


Have you tried removing all your votes and then voting once see how many you have


It… appears to be 8 after removing all of my possible votes and then voting once (said 7 votes left). Here’s my list of voted topics before the purge (excluding the return points to sender suggestion):

After removing one vote from there, I appeared to have one vote left.

After purging them all, I then revoted for one suggestion, shown in the following two screenshots:


did you also removed the closed votes? also you appear to have dupped votes however that happened idk


Yes, as shown in the very last screenshot.