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Can’t Earn My XP


You need first exp efficency, which you can get with DP, Get like 200DP, and then touch the Experience efficency bar (at right), and just Spend 100 DP
Its important that you always have DP, because it drais automatically, and if you ever reach 0 DP, Your Exp efficency will vanish


I Voted For Dark Gaming Got A Loot Box But Where Does My XP Go?


You didn’t get any XP.

Why You Didn’t Get XP

In order to get XP in this server, you must fill your XP Efficiency Gauge to get XP. Your XP Efficiency is currently at 0%.

\text{XP Gained}=\text{XP Earned} \times \text{XP Efficiency %}


How to Get XP Efficiency

If you hover over your XP Efficiency Gauge, you will be given the option to increase your XP Efficiency by 1% for every 10 DP.


How to Get DP

There are multiple ways to get DP on the server:

  • Killing bosses in PvE
  • Beating rounds in Zombies
  • Killing players in PvP

Refer to this guide for specific information regarding how to earn DP or XP:


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