DTP Maintenance

I will be taking a look into moving the DTP to a different server, so that it may be more stable. To avoid issues with two DTP’s running, I will be turning off the one at https://dtp.dark-gaming.com while I do this and will bring it back up either after I have moved the DTP or if I stop the maintenance.


The maintenance is complete. The DTP is now running on its own small server (more $ unfortunately), it’s not clear right now if this small server has high enough specs to run it properly yet.

Due to changes in how it is ran, there may be new issues, since the DTP has never been moved to run on its own separately from the other terraria services.

I’ve set this topic to close in a few days rather than immediately just in case something is broken.

# Warning about T-Inv
View pages for in-game inventories are not yet working, but I consider these to be less important and thus fixable maybe next weekend.
I managed to get a little time and fixed it. You may still see some warnings there but likely they don’t affect functionality, only warning about an item id that does not have an entry there.


@popstarfreas Hey Rofle I’m having issues with vote lootboxes not being rewarded for voting again I had 2 and got my one for today but for atleast the last 3-4 days I never received my boxes for those days I voted


If it was before the maintenance then it was likely due to issues with the DTP


Unfortunately it was before the maintenance :(.

Is there anything that can be done?


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