DTP Explore Page

Is there anything that anyone thinks is missing from that page? I plan to remove the weapon entries because they are not functional anymore.


I would recommend changing the T-inv link on the explore page so it takes you to https://dtp.dark-gaming.com/view/?pvp instead of https://dtp.dark-gaming.com/view/ as it says
“Want to know what PvP loadout someone is using?”
A lot of new members will click that to look at people’s PVP loadouts only to be taken to a list of character inventories that are not in PvP

Explore page link:
explore link

T-inv PvP link:
pvp link


This one please.

I would also like to mention the Trading credits bug. I would love it if it was fixed.:heart:

Link:Trading credits bug?


There shoud be a navigation page on the players screen.


Instead of having the most used pvp and pve weapons listed individually you could just put them in lists like what you have with the top level and most/least dp lists on the explore page as they take up quite a lot of space. I agree with k(E)=mc about the trading credits bug aswell, it would he good if that was fixed.
Lastly (and this is not related to any potential improvement suggestion) does anyone know if you can only do trades when you get crew? Because i have been trying to trade with my brother and it is not working for anything, not just credits.


If that was intended to stay at all, I’d suggest to add the T-Inv links for all available dimensions at that point.

Beyond that, I think it’d be interesting to see the total amount of DP players have gotten from a specific dimension(or across all), whether that’s within a certain time frame or all-time. It’s by no means something impactful, just a minor stat I would personally find interesting to see. Likewise, I think it’d be interesting to see the total amount of DP an individual person has gained during their time on the server.


Afaik you don’t need crew in order to trade with other people. As of now there is still a bug trading with other people.


I think it only works for PvP, PvE, Survival, and Build because of the way those dimensions are set up. (Anything you put in the URL that is not one of these dimensions actually defaults to Build, which can be a bit confusing. For example, if you misspell the URL as “dtp.dark-gaming.com/view/?pvo” instead of “pvp”, it will go to the Build T-Inv page.)

Although this isn’t directly a feature of the Explore page itself, some kind of UI should be added to the T-Inv pages. Right now they are just a list of HTML links. You can’t even navigate to other pages once you’re in one of them without changing the URL manually, which isn’t difficult but a bit unnecessary and confusing for new players, especially if these pages are going to become more available to the public/displayed on the DTP in the new update.