Dark Gaming PvP, but only with items obtainable without NPC interactions or crafting

The title says it all. This abomination of a loadout exists solely for the purpose of PvP on Dark Gaming where the only items allowed in the loadout at all are items that can be obtained without NPC interactions or crafting. If you want to take it for a whirl for memes or to get inspiration to make your own, the loadout is “PvPNoNPCsNoCrafting”.

In fact… honestly, I want to see what you guys come up with. Make your own loadouts that follow these restrictions:
Items that are crafted are not allowed
Items that are obtained through direct interactions with NPCs are not allowed (exception 1 is the Old Man since he’s required for progression)
All buffs from FFA arena are fine in loadouts, and are the only other exceptions to No NPCs/No Crafting in loadouts
Maxing out mana from Mana Crystals is allowed (default 200 with 9 Crystals)

If there’s any issues with the stock loadout I made, please tell me, mekk already caught a few mistakes I made initially.


Well, this is the strongest armour that you don’t need to craft. Its a Multi-Class one so

image Crystal Assassin Armour

The weapons I will use are the following -

image Godly Possessed Hatchet

image Godly Starlight

image Unreal S.D.M.G and image Tungsten Bullet (the only other bullet available are Silver Ones but they have less KB which doesn’t really matter anyways.)

Some accesories I will have are the following -

image Menacing Snek Scarf

image Menacing Warrior Emblem

image Menacing Ranger Emblem

image Menacing Paladins Shield

image Menacing Phil’s Stone

image Menacing Empress Wings

image Menacing Tabi

Mounts I will use -

image Unicorn.

Pets I will use -

Cant use the Plantero pet, so im at a loss.

I’ll edit this more as I get more ideas.

The loadout so far (its not gonna get updated much till I truly think i finished the loadout)

image Crystal Assassin Armour

image Possessed Hatchet

image Snek Scarf

image Warrior Emblem

image Paladins Shield

image Empress Wings

image Sock/Tabi


I feel like yours is probably the best that can be done by your rules, so instead, I’m going to make a loadout that can only be made by crafting (Still no NPCs).


I already made one slightly tailored to my own playstyle “Tru3thfulPvPNoNPCsNoCrafting”, that’s the best that I think I can do. I want to see others try it, though!


Why Shield? Tabi is a drop, but if you’re playing on PC, Crystal Assassin armor grants a dash anyways.


Oops. Ill account for that. Also, I might use the tabi instead due to a better dash


People usually pair Soaring Insignia with Empress Wings, you might want to consider that.

Also, for Tru3’s loadout, I think Tsunami and Bat Hook would be nice additions.

Kaleidoscope should also be replaced with Dark Harvest; Mothron wings should be replaced with Betsy/Duke wings; and there are 2 Heat Rays in the same loadout.


If I cant find anything else to put in thats really good, then welcome to the Insignia!


Invalid because Daybreak and Solar Eruption are crafted.


thats a problem. ill replace them with the possesed hatchet

edit - fixed it


How do you catch a Truffle Worm without a net?

That requires crafting because the only method to summon a Pumpkin Moon is through the Medallion, which is crafted. Morning Star is the only other dropped whip I’d consider even vaguely viable.

Both of these require NPC interactions to ultimately obtain.


Wait, that means that the empress wings and the kalidoscope arent valid too


How? The only requirement to summon Empress is to kill a Lacewing.


Oh nvm. I thought you had to use a bug net cuz the donk feshrun thing confused me.


Intrestingly enough, its possible in Calamity. You have to throw the Angler and make it die to a
image Trasher. Then, it will drop the Golden Bug Net.

Also, you can still fish using Worms from the image Can Of Worms.


Yes, and a bit of fishing is indeed possible with the few fishing rods obtainable (one such being Fiberglass Fishing Pole), hence why drops from fishing (Crystal Serpent, Blood Moon fishing enemy drops) are possible. You just need to get really lucky in a normal playthrough…


Me not, too low choose


There’s technically no need to talk to the Old Man in order to organise a PvP loadout. I say any items only obtainable post-Skeletron should also be disallowed. This would therefore also prohibit any post-Cultist items, of which there are almost no valid ones anyways.

Also, Solysis, Luminite Bullets have to be crafted. There are very few bullets which can be used—I think Musket Balls and Silver Bullets are your only options?


That is true… but in a normal playthrough under the same restrictions (except without reliable access to buffs and usage of Mana Crystals), it would be impossible to finish the game. The Old Man’s presence at the Dungeon prevents the Cultists from being able to appear. Even if Golem is defeated while doing the same challenge with the addition of New Game+ rules, there’s still no way to summon the Moon Lord since the Celestial Sigil is crafted.

I just checked every ammo on the wiki, and of them all, every single one that are allowed under the challenge rules are:

Every single obtainable ammo (big wall of text)

Musket Balls (from Shadow Orbs, Crimson Hearts, and Presents if a Red Ryder drops)
Silver Bullets (from pots, replacing Wooden Arrows in Hardmode worlds with Silver generated)
Tungsten Bullets (from pots, replaciny Wooden Arrows in Hardmode worlds with Tungsten generated)
Wooden Arrows (from pots in pre - Hardmode worlds, chests, and drops from Pincushion Zombies)
Unholy Arrows (from Eye of Cthulhu in Corruption worlds)
Jester’s Arrows (from Gold Chests found while spelunking)
Hellfire Arrows (from Shadow Chests and pots in the Underworld)
Fallen Stars (from naturally spawning, useless because nothing within the rules of the challenge can use them)
Gel (from most Slimes, useless because nothing within the rules of the challenge can use them)
All types of Sand blocks (from Deserts, useless because nothing within the rules of the challenge can use them)
Seeds (from cutting tall grass with a Blowpipe in inventory)
Bones (from the Dungeon, only an ammo on mobile currently)
Stynger Bolts (from Golem whenever Stynger is obtained)
Flares (banned)
Nails (from Nailhead when it drops a Nail Gun)
Apprentice Bait (from crates)
Journeyman Bait (from crates)
Master Bait (from crates)
Worm (from Can of Worms)
Enchanted Nightcrawler (from Can of Worms)
Golden Worm (from Can of Worms)
Coins (as drops, though not really viable for this since on Dark Gaming PvP, coins are dropped on death)


Killing all four pillars summons Spoon Lord too