Dark Gaming PvP, but only with items obtainable without NPC interactions or crafting

Yes… but the talking point was that there isn’t a need to talk to the Old Man up until Golem is defeated. If Skeletron isn’t defeated, neither can the Cultist.


No? This has never happened to me, and I see tons of other people with coins in their PvP loadouts, which don’t drop.


Yes, the cultists are indeed blocked from spawning by the Old Man—but my point was that the Moon Lord does not need to be defeated in order to organise a PvP loadout, join DG and use it. The playthrough doesn’t need to be completed. Therefore, bending the no-NPC rule as is necessary to finish the playthrough is unnecessary here, and thus tighter limitations could be placed upon the loadout.


True. Though, by my rules, I am still going to uphold allowing post - Skeletron items because:

  1. I wanted to see what the theoretical best could be produced following the same rules as the inspiration but still staying under the Dark Gaming PvP umbrella.
  2. I thought it would have been a bit unfair for PC players to have a longer dash, if multiple players are dueling while all under the challenge restrictions. If post - Skeletron items were banned, then mobile players as of current would inherently be at a disadvantage because they don’t have access to the Crystal Assassin set’s dash. Shield of Cthulhu does exist, but it’s tiny by comparison, and though it still fulfills the basic functions of a dash, it doesn’t do much more than that.