Damage Variability and Crits

Since there are still some things to be implemented before the next test, I thought that it would be interesting to bring up topics of discussion that will be relevant in future.

The first of such topics is about damage.

Do you think that damage dealt to an enemy should be varied or predictable? I.e. if a weapon does 50 damage to a specific enemy with certain gear, should it always deal 50 damage or should it vary, say doing 48, then 52, then 49 etc

You can vote in this poll for simple yes/no answers:

  • Predictable Damage
  • Varied Damage

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Or share your thoughts in a reply.

What are your thoughts on crit damage and crit chance? Are there any games that you think implement this well? Is there perhaps a different and better approach?


Since the questions I posed are fairly open ended, I’ll start with an idea. Rather than have flat crit % and such, since the game is element based, crits could instead be applicable when stacking effects. e.g. throwing oil on an enemy and then using a fire spell could deal a crit while the oil effect lasts.


I would love to see mix of Terraria and MC dmg mechanics, where damage is slightly randomised, and crit is done through some kind of action, not rng


I would like to see some minor varied damage (unless a gambling weapon is added that deals like 1-1000 damage based upon what is put in and RNG, like the Pew-matic Horn and that gambling gun from Calamity I think), also maybe some bonus damage (like fire damage counters ice damage, water damage counters fire damage, earth to electricity, etc)


On DMG variability, id say that it makes the weapons feel alive, as in real life, not every strike, or gunshot, or stab is the same damage. It shouldnt vary too much, but id say its useful.

for critical chances, taking in consideration elements, that they would be quite interesting.


this is good idea, however, it will unneceserily complicate the game


Another type of crit that could exist is combo-based crits. Since, as it stands unlike Terraria, most spells have cooldowns which means you will need to switch spells during combat, using your spells to keep a combo could trigger crits periodically, where a higher combo results in higher crit damage.

Another interesting thing is possibly augmenting crits. So you could have equipment that instead of dealing extra damage, a crit applies a status effect, or heals you for some amount.


Or a crit can slow down or stun the enemy for 0.1 seconds